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RollerDrive EC310


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RollerDrive EC310 - 2

The advantages of the RollerDrive EC310 over traditional unit handling conveyor technology are self-evident: • Lower primary energy consumption • Up to 30 % energy savings due to feed back energy • Intelligent control systems • Maintenance-free Today the simplicity of controls architecture is decisive in terms of using RollerDrive technology or not. With the new generation of RollerDrives it is now Außenklappe Breite:

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RollerDrive EC310 - 3

LO G Y I S O N T H E M OV E . WO R L DW I D E . TRADITIONAL M EC HAN ICAL SYSTE MS possible to unify components to a full functional unit. EC310 takes over extended control functions enabling the user to focus more on his core competence and expertise. System integrators can therefore focus on material flow strategy and OEMs on the best possible modularity of their equipment. New and proven Interroll components can thus be integrated into one overall function, enabling customers to reduce costs, and at the same time improving the quality of their processes.

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RollerDrive EC310 - 4

ROLLE R D R IVE EC310 THE OPTIMUM DR IVE COM P ON E NTS FOR UNIT H A N D L I N G C O N V E YO R T E C H N O LO G Y The Benefits • A single drive for every application • Energy recovery • Safe due to 24 V DC technology The Features • Excellent acceleration and braking performance • Integral motor controller • Motor protection functions • Low noise level due to decoupling • 9 gear stages for optimum adjustment at the operating point • Additional speed adjustment via analogue set point • Protection rating IP54 and IP66 • 450 mm cable with M8 snap-in plug • Cable can be e

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RollerDrive EC310 - 5

E E C 310 : C O M P L E X , F U N C T I O N A L , Intralogistic is a challenging business – especially zero pressure accumulation conveyers. A to Zone control, with the Interroll RollerDrive EC310 we are presenting a premium compone and assembly lines. EC310 guaranties perfectly coordinated functions that can be seamles The configuration software of our ConveyorControls will enable you to coordinate zones or Whatever you want to move, you are in the fast lane with the Interroll RollerDrive EC310. O The Benefits • High flexibility • Strong housing design • Easy interface by optically...

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RollerDrive EC310 - 6

L , F L E X I B L E A N D C O M PAT I B L E . T E S veyers. And as the range of parameters extends widely from A to Z, from Actuators component that you can use to design your own, tailor made and versatile conveyor e seamlessly integrated into your logistics system. zones or highly-complex, networked controls according to your concept. EC310. One way or another. ZON ECONTROL THE SIMPLE CONTROLLER FOR ZERO PRESSURE A C C U M U L AT I O N C O N V E YO R T E C H N O LO G Y The Benefits • Fast and simple installation • Standard cabling • Ultra-simple configuration The Features • Single zone...

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RollerDrive EC310 - 7

The Benefits • Fast installation and commissioning • Flexible configuration • Complete industrial compatibility with high protection rating The Features • Fully configurable accumulation conveyor system • IP54 protection rating throughout • Cabling concept with piercing technology independent of length • PC-based graphic configuration software • Gateways to Profibus and Profinet • Settable acceleration and braking ramps

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Interroll is the most global core product provider for material handling solutions. Headquartered in Sant’Antonino (Switzerland), we are present in more than 29 countries. Interroll reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics of all its products at any time. Technical information, dimensions, data and characteristics are indicative only. Please find all sales contacts and addresses at

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