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Universal HART-compatible 2-wire Transmitter IPAQ C530 is a modern, HART® temperature transmitter developed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. A universal transmitter compatible with RTD, thermocouples, voltage and potentiometer sensors. It is fully compatible with HART® 7 and offers extended diagnostic information, for example device error, sensor and wiring conditions. IPAQ C530 supports communication via NFC® (Near-field communication) and Bluetooth® which makes it possible to configure and monitor the transmitter remotely. • High accuracy and long term stability • Accepts RTD, T/C, mV and ohm • Sensor error and system (sensor/transmitter) error correction • 50-point Customized Linearization and Callendar-Van Dusen • Rugged design tested for 10 g vibrations • Configuration via USB, without external power • Runtime counter - hour counter for elapsed operational time • Communicates with HART Communicator or PC via modem • Integrated in Emerson AMS and Siemens PDM systems Specifications: Input RTD Pt100 (a =0.00385) PtX 10 < X < 1000 (a =0.00385) Pt100 (a =0.003916) Ni1001), Ni1202) Ni1000,) Cu103) Input Resistance / potentiometer Input Thermocouples Input mV Sensor failure Adjustments - Zero Adjustments - Minimum spans Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000 Potentiometer T/C, mV Output Operating temperature Galvanic isolation Power supply IPAQ C530 IPAQ C530X Intrinsic safety IPAQ C530X ATEX: IPAQ C530X IECEx: IPAQ C330X cFMus: 2-, 3-, 4-wire connection -200 to +850 °C / -328 to +1562 °F Upper range depending on X-value -200 to +850 °C / -328 to +1562 °F -60 to +250 °C / -76 to +482 °F -50 to +180 °C / -58 to +356 °F -50 to +200 °C / -58 to +392 °F 0 to 10000 Q / 100 to 10000 Q Types B, C, D, E, J, K, N, R, S, T -10 to +1000 mV Upscale (s21.0 mA) or downscale U3.6 mA) action Any value within range limits Input connections Output connections _T Output load diagram Typical accuracy Connection head II 1G Ex ia IIC T6...T4 Ga4) Ex ia IIC T6...T4 Ga4) IS CL I Div 1 GP A-D, T6...T4 Cl I Zn 0 AEx/Ex ia IIC T6...T4 Ga4) ±0.08°C or ±0.08% of span DIN B or larger Ordering information 1)IEC 60751, a=0.00385 and Pt100 acc. to JIS 1604, a=0.003916 2) DIN 43760 3) Temperature, resistance or voltage linear, customized linearziation possible 4) For Tambient, see the manual IPAQ C530X (ATEX / IECEx) 70C530X010

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