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APAQ C130 - 1

Digital 2-wire transmitter for Pt100 and Pt1000 with wireless communication APAQ C130 is a modern transmitter with high reliability and great performance. External influences such as ambient temperature, vibration, moisture and EMC interference have minimal influence on the measurement result, thanks to the robust design. What characterizes APAQ C130 is simplicity. You can easily configure the transmitters wirelessly via NFC with your smartphone or tablet. There is no need for expensive configuration tools or fixed workstations for transmitter configuration. Measurements with Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors in 2-,3-, 4-wire connection APAQ C130 accepts inputs from Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors in 2-, 3-, 4-wire connectios acc. to IEC 60751 (α=0.00385) Temperature linear output Fully temperature linear 4-20 mA output. High accuracy Designed for harsh conditions Rugged design tested for 10 g vibrations. Mounting, wiring and testing APAQ C130 is designed to fit inside connection heads type DIN B or larger. The large centre hole, dia. 7 mm / 0.28 inch, the robust terminals with test connections and the low height greatly simplify the mounting, wiring and testing procedure. With an accuracy of ±0,15 K or ±0,15 % of span (the largest apply) APAQ C130 offers an outstanding performance in its Wireless configuration Configure APAQ C130 wirelessly with your smartphone class. without power supply and cables Compact design for easy installation The head-mounted variant is only 10.5 mm high and can easily be installed in all DIN B connection heads. Reliable over time Minimal drift of ±0.05°C or ±0.05% of span/ year reduces the need for calibration. INOR Connect, easy-to-use app for configuration The simple and user friendly app, INOR Connect, is used for transmitter configuration in seconds. All parameters are set in the app and then transferred to the transmitter via NFC. INOR Process AB, PO Box 9125, SE-200 39 Malmö, Sweden, Phone: +46-40-31 25 60, Fax: +46-40-31 25 70, E-mail: support@inor.se INOR Transmitter OY, Unikkotie13, FI-01300 Vantaa, Finland, Phone:+358-10-421 7900, Fax: +358-10-421 7901, E-mail: myynti@inor.fi INOR Transmitter GmbH, Am See 24, 47279 Duisburg, Germany, Phone: +49-203-7382 7620, Fax: +49-203-7382 7622, E-mail: info@inor-gmbh.de KROHNE Temperature Division INOR, 55 Cherry Hill Drive, Beverly, MA 01915, USA, Phone: +1-978-826 6900, Fax: +1 978 535 1720, Email: inor-info@krohne.com

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APAQ C130 - 2

Maximum sensor wire resistance 50 O/wire Monitoring Sensor break and sensor short circuit indication Upscale (>21.0 mA) or downscale (<3.6 mA) action Adjustments Zero adjustment Any value within range limits Output Output signal_ NAMUR compliance Adjustable filtering level_ Permissible load, see load diagram Current limitations and failure currents acc. to NAMUR NE 43 0.4 to 26 s 818 O @ 24 VDC General data Isolation Not galvanically isolated Power supply, polarity protected 6...32 VDC Environment conditions Ambient temperature Humidity Vibrations Rough Handling EMC 0...98% RH...

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APAQ C130 - 3

Input connectionsOutput load diagram *’ RTD * Short terminals 1 and 2 on the transmitter, max 50 Q on each wire Output connections LUAD Ordering information APAQ C130 RTD 70C13000ir Head mounting kit70ADA00017 DIN-rail Adapter + Screw (10 pcs)70ADA00027 © INUR 03/2020 - 1000646971 All information subject to change without notice.

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