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New PD-Series 2022 - 1

PD-series Precision double tube linear units Innovative assembly components

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New PD-Series 2022 - 2

Precision levels PD-series Shaft clamping as standard Low-backlash screw drives (DIN 103) Mounting surfaces machined Play adjustment possible without dismantling PD with chrome-plated tubes PD with hard chrome-plated solid shafts Ground and chrome-plated solid shafts Steel chromed pipes Trapezoidal threaded spindle Trapezoidal threaded spindle Ball bushings in the guide carriage for particularly long service life and smooth running PDK with ball screw and hard chrome-plated solid shafts Double guide element Ball screw Ground and chromeplated solid shafts With ball bushings in the guide...

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New PD-Series 2022 - 3

PD series Precision double tube linear units The new version has completely closed and machined guide and end elements for distortion-free assembly. This is made possible by a special internal spreading technique. Like the previous series with clamping slots, the PD series also comes with one guide element, with two opposing guide elements or with two independent guide elements, each version offered with single or double guide element (see product overview). The selection options extend over the entire diameter program: Ø18, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm and three precision levels can also be...

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New PD-Series 2022 - 4

Product overview The round guides of the precision double tube linear units are available with either chrome-plated steel or bright stainless steel precision tubes or with hard-chromeplated and polished solid shafts. The center spindle with ball bearings on both sides can be designed as a trape zoidal or fine thread spindle or as a recirculating ball screw. The force transmission between the recirculating ball screw and the ball screw nut takes place via rolling elements. This makes it possible to adjust the ball screw to eliminate backlash and achieve higher precision movement. The lower...

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New PD-Series 2022 - 5

Precision double tube linear units / Product overview with single guide element with double guide element with recirculating ball screw Precision double tube linear units with one guide element Precision double tube linear units with two opposing guide elements Precision double tube linear units with two independent guide elements Individual customer solutions that differ from those described here can be manufactured on request. Possible accessories for the double tube linear units include handwheels in various designs, position indicators and spacer plates for spindle clamping. The...

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New PD-Series 2022 - 6

Your contact Mr Thomas Degen Phone +49 2226-90987-13 INOCON is as a manufacturer a specialist in multi-axis positioning systems INOCON GmbH Industriestraße 31 53359 Rheinbach Germany Phone +49 2226-90987-0 Fax +49 2226-90987-99

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