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SFS01 (Silicon Flow Sensor) Characteristics & Applications Characteristics: Thermal mass flow sensor Optimal for fast measuring of gas flow and direction Detection of flow direction Very fast response time Very low power requirement Easy system integration Automation technology Process and regulation technology Medicinal and biological technology Battery-operated applications in portable devices 1) For exact size see measurements DFSFS01_E2.3.1_preliminary | Flow | SFS01 (Silicon Flow

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Technical Sensor Data 6.00 (±0.05) x 2.00 (± 0.02) x 0.525 (±0.01) Temperature range: Storage temperature: Compressive load: up to1 bar (one-sided on membrane for a duration of 10 years) Electrical Sensor Data Bond pads (recommended bonding process: wedge-wedge with aluminum wires) Heater resistance: Thermopile resistance: Thermopile sensitivity: Thermopile synchronization sensitivity: Thermopile voltage: typically 3-10 mW (air), maximum tolerance: 20 mW Heater output: Flow Performance The following values are viewed as typical and achieved in laboratory conditions. The gas used was...

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Hz2 - right heater (heater series connection supply voltage) Hz1 - left heater (heater series connection supply voltage) Hzcom heater at parallel circuit/mutual connection Order Information Sensor element Order code Former oder code Additional Electronics EvaKit Order code Formder order code Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Stegrütistrasse 14, 9642 Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland Phone: +41 71 992 01 00 | Fax: +41 71 992 01 99 | Email: | All mechanical dimensions are valid at 25 °C ambient temperature, if not differently indicated • All data except the...

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