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Capacitive Humidity Sensor Optimal for weather balloons and radio sondes Benefits & Characteristics ▪ Ultra fast response time Temperature shock resistant Condensation resistant Fast recovery time High humidity stability Customer-specific sensor available upon request Wide temperature range 1) For actual size, see dimensions Technical Data Wired Operating humidity range: Operating temperature range: Loss factor: Linearity error: < 1.5 % RH (15 % RH to 90 % RH at +23 °C after one point calibration) 2) The response time is often measured for increasing humidity steps, whereas physics predicts that decreasing humidity leads to generally far longer response times for capacitive humidity sensors. IST thus measures response times always for decreasing humidity values, since this is the worst case. Temperature dependence (nominal): Measurement frequency: Maximal supply voltage:

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Signal form: alternating signal without DC bias CuP-SIL-wire post-plated with Sn, 10 mm or Au/Cu-wire, Ø 0.4 mm or SMD automatic assembly compatible * Customer-specific alternatives available The calibration of the sensor must be done 5 days after soldering at the earliest. Characteristic Curve DHP14-Rapid_E2.3.1 | Humidity Sensor | P14 Rapid

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Product Photos Order Information - SIL (CuP-SIL-wire post-plated with Sn, 10 mm) P14 Rapid (140 ±40pF) Order code Former order code Order Information - SMD P14 SMD Rapid-G (180 ±50pF) Order code Former order code Order Information - Au/Cu-wire, Ø 0.4 mm P14 Rapid-W (140 ±40pF) Order code Former order code Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Stegrütistrasse 14, 9642 Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland Phone: +41 71 992 01 00 | Fax: +41 71 992 01 99 | Email: | All mechanical dimensions are valid at 25 °C ambient temperature, if not differently indicated • All data except...

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