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Thermal Mass Flow Sensor Optimal for flow applications in aggressive liquids Suitable for aggressive liquids High chemical resistance No contact between sensor and liquid Simple flow switches possible 1) For actual size, see dimensions Technical Sensor Data Tube dimensions (L x ØOUTER (x ØINNER) in mm):* Operating temperature range: -50 °C to +150 °C The temperature range has an impact on the accuracy, depending on variations in the thermal properties of flowing media Heater resistance:* Temperature sensor resistance:* Operating measuring range: Sensor wire:* Cu/Ag, stranded wires PTFE isolated, AWG 30/19, 50 mm Tube Material:* *customer specific versions on request DFOOL_E2.3.1 | Flow | Out of Liquid

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Flow Performance The following values are viewed as typical and achieved in laboratory conditions. The medium was deionized water. Measurement range: 0 - 20 kg/h (laminar flow profile) 20 - 200 kg/h (turbulent flow profile) < 500 ms, dependent on electronics (used average determination) Typically 3% of measured value (depending on electronics and calibration) Temperature sensitivity (uncomp.): < 0.3% /K (depending on electronics and calibration) Maximum Heating range: Overtemperature (CTA-mode): Product Photo Order Information P1K0/050.232.2K.C.050.M.U.S Order code Additional Electronics...

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