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Conductivity Sensor For various conductivity measurement applications Wide conductivity and temperature range Excellent long-term stability Fast response time Integrated RTD for temperature measurement and / or compensation Optimal accuracy Customer-specific sensor available upon request 1) Aggressive media can influence the long term stability. Chemical resistance of the sensor in the end application must be tested by the customer 2) 2 electrode configuration available upon request 3) For actual size, see dimensions Technical Data Conductivity range:* Cell constant :* Measurement frequency range: Maximum excitation voltage (between pin 1 and pin 6): < 0.7 Vpp (Electrolysis of the analyte has to be avoided) Operating temperature range: Temperature sensor:* Temperature sensor accuracy (dependent on temperature range):*

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Temperature dependence of resistivity: = temperature in accordance with ITS90 Storage temperature: Alternative construction:* Customized over-mold 4) Cell constant is strongly affected by external objects coming close to the front surface of the sensor 5) Self heating must be considered * Customer-specific alternatives available I: applied current V: measured voltage T: temperature sensor Product photo

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Order Information - 6W (Ni/Pt wires, Ø 0.2 mm,10mm*) Size Order code Former order code (*) Other wire lengths upon request Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Stegrütistrasse 14, 9642 Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland Phone: +41 71 992 01 00 | Fax: +41 71 992 01 99 | Email: | All mechanical dimensions are valid at 25 °C ambient temperature, if not differently indicated • All data except the mechanical dimensions only have information purposes and are not to be understood as assured characteristics • Technical changes without previous announcement as well as mistakes...

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