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Conductivity Sensor For various conductivity measurement applications Very wide conductivity range Small size Integrated RTD for temperature measurement and/ or compensation Circular electrodes 1) For actual size, see dimensions Technical Data Conductivity range2):* Cell constant :* Measurement frequency range: Maximum excitation voltage (between pin 2 and pin 6): < 0.7 Vpp (Electrolysis of the analyte has to be avoided. Max. voltage depends on the solution) Temperature sensor:* Temperature sensor accuracy (dependent on temperature range):* Cu/Ag-wires, PTFE-insulated, AWG 30 Pt/Ni-wires, Ø 0.2 mm

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Temperature dependence of resistivity: R(T) = R0 x (1 + A x T + B x T2) A = 3.9083 x 10-3 °C-1 B = -5.775 x 10-7 °C-2 C = -4.183 x 10-12 °C-4 R0 = resistance value in Ω at T = 0 °C T = temperature in accordance with ITS90 Storage temperature: 2) Geometry of the containing chamber or vessel in the final application can affect the cell constant and measurement range. Please contact IST AG for more information. 3) Although operating temperature is under 100 °C, the device will temporally withstand higher temperatures. Contact IST AG for more information. 4) Self-heating must be considered....

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Order Information - 2I (Cu/Ag-wires, PTFE-insulated, AWG 30, LW = 70 mm*) Size Order code Former order code Order Information - 6W (Pt/Ni-wires, Ø 0.2 mm, LW = 10 mm*) Size Order code Former order code * Customer-specific alternatives available Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Stegrütistrasse 14, 9642 Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland Phone: +41 71 992 01 00 | Fax: +41 71 992 01 99 | Email: info@ist-ag.com | www.ist-ag.com All mechanical dimensions are valid at 25 °C ambient temperature, if not differently indicated • All data except the mechanical dimensions only have information purposes and...

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