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INNOVATIVE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY IST AG – YOUR MANUFACTURER AND PARTNER FOR PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SENSORS With more than 25 years of experience Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors. Our objective is to be the global leader in standard and customized sensor technology – empowering our customers to provide new levels of innovation and product design to deliver to their markets worldwide. IST AG specializes in the development and manufacturing of sensors in five product areas; temperature, flow, humidity,...

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FACTS ABOUT IST AG Number of employees: Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland (canton St. Gallen) Further locations: USA, Czech Republic (Rožnov pod Radhoštěm), Czech Republic (Prague)*, Ireland*, China*, India* Related companies: Jobst Technologies GmbH, Germany Products & Services: Platinum and nickel temperature sensors, TSic temperature sensors, flow sensors, humidity sensors, humidity modules, conductivity sensors, biosensors; customer-specific sensor adjustments, developments of new technologies * Sales office / regional salesperson

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OUR DIFFERENCE Our advanced expertise is driven by the challenge to be at the forefront of the industry. We are continually improving existing technology, by working closely with customers to find optimal solutions for application specific requirements, and collaborating with a broad network of partners, including institutes and universities. • We develop sensors fitted to application-specific requirements. • We offer support by product specialists from development to after-sales. • We manufacture small and large quantities within a short development and production time. • We offer...

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Our processes are continuously optimized. Together with our customers we find the optimal sensor solution. Premium materials and production know-how ensure high quality. We are there for you - whether in person, by email or on the phone.

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QUALITY FROM A TO Z We, together with our customers, set our priority on the highest quality standards. This is reflected in our processes, the materials used, production and our customer service. Processes IST AG is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Appropriate quality management systems and procedures are implemented across day-to-day operations. These procedures are regularly audited and optimized, according to business requirements. R&D and consulting In the initial consulting phase of a customer brief, we go to great lengths to understand our customers’ business...

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STANDARD SENSORS OR CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS The product range of Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG contains standard sensors in the areas of temperature, flow, humidity, conductivity and bio. When your requirements cannot be met by a standard solution, we realize a customer-specific adaption or development of a sensor. A successful sensor solution is only possible with an in-depth knowledge of a customer’s business, challenges and requirements, which come with the particular application. In order to identify the sensor solution that best fits the application of our customer, we discuss the...

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Photolithography process in clean room Sensor substrate in dicing machine Welding of wires to the sensor

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TEMPERATURE SENSORS Wide temperature measurement with excellent long-term stability and high accuracy available as standard and customer-specific solutions

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IST AG offers platinum, nickel as well as TSic sensors for a precise and reliable temperature measurement. Our temperature sensors are used in various industries, such as process control & automation, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), handheld, medical, biotechnology, aviation and space, appliance or automotive industry. Beside standard sensors our product range contains customer-specific solutions, adapted individually to your requirements. PLATINUM TEMPERATURE SENSORS (Pt) The IST AG platinum RTD temperature sensors cover an operating temperature range of -200 °C to +1000 °C....

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PLATINUM TEMPERATURE SENSORS (Pt) Temperature range: Available tolerance classes (according to IEC 60751): F0.3 (IST AG class B), F0.15 (IST AG class A), F0.1 (IST AG class Y) Various dimensions (details see data sheets) Length between 1.6 and 10.0 mm Width between 0.8 and 5.1 mm With various lead wires (several materials, wire length can be adapted individually) or as SMD Temperature coefficient: 3850 ppm/K (other characteristic curves on request) Exception: 1000 °C Series with 3770 ppm/K Excellent long-term stability Low self-heating Fast response time Good vibration stability...

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW PLATINUM TEMPERATURE SENSORS WITH WIRES Sensor type Temperature range Standard connection Sensor characteristics (special characteristics see p. 14) • Enameled Cu-wire, tinned wire endings • Very small dimensions possible • Cu/Ag-wire with PTFEinsulation • Cu/Ag-stranded wire with PTFE-insulation • Ag-wire • Optimal for connector assemblies or for soldering, welding and crimping 750 °C Series -200 °C to +750 °C 850 °C Series -200 °C to +850 °C 1000 °C Series -70 °C to +1000 °C Ni/Au-wire • Optimal for soldering, brazing, crimpNi/Au-flat wire ing and laser welding Ag-wire...

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW PLATINUM TEMPERATURE SENSORS WITHOUT WIRES Sensor type Temperature range Standard connection Sensor characteristics • Solderable pads on both sides (various materials) • For automatic PCB assembly processes with wrap-around contacts on both ends • Reflow soldering possible • Standard dimensions: 0805, 1206 • From 100 pieces taped on reel (sensor side up or sensor side down) • Available up to IST AG class A (IEC 60751 F0.15) • Solderable pads on one • Contacts on one side resulting in no sides (various materials) short-cut risk on the backside of the chip • Reflow soldering...

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