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your protection specialists

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The start of a grand alliance

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Companies face new challenges at the end of their production line on a daily basis. Adapting to the needs of different clients, reducing manufacturing times, saving on costs, optimizing protection for their products and improving their customization requires ever more specialized and flexible technology. Trusting in Innova means bringing on board a team of professionals committed to packaging and end-of-line technology for all types of industrial sectors. Trusting in innovation, productivity and striving for excellence to transform a company’s needs into competitive advantages that add...

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YOUR protection specialists 21

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We are manufacturers, specialized in engineering solutions, in the design, production, installation and maintenance of packaging and end-of-line machinery for the protection of all kinds of palletized goods. We protect your products using the most advanced technology, providing maximum stability and security for the load against adverse weather conditions throughout the different stages of handling that the load may undergo during transport. We protect your company with customized solutions that allow you to increase production, optimize times and improve the end presentation of your...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 8

Sustainable thinking. We think of your future, we think green. Because sustainability and performance are not incompatible.

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 9

We protect the environment with increasingly efficient machinery. We promote and recommend a We enable our clients to use less reduction in excess materials energy and help reduce global recommending biodegradable that are often used in the consumables of recycled origin, packaging process. provide take energy efficiency criteria into account. look-out for raw materials that are respectful with the environment.

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We protect your goods 21

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 13

Over 15 years experience in Spain, working for the most demanding clients, as well as constantly striving for excellence through technological development, has positioned us as leaders in cold packaging technology for palletized loads, in a clear bid for innovation. Providing end-of-line solutions based on the most advanced packaging technology, the Stretch Hood system, enables us to give customized attention to all of our clients’ needs, by prioritizing the characteristics of the product and guaranteeing maximum protection for the goods, whatever they may be, in any sector. Because...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 14

ALL IN OUR PROCESS The All in Innova philosophy gives us full control over the quality of our solutions and our service. We are involved in all stages of the work process: In PROJECT Taking the client’s needs as a starting point, and with a proactive attitude that enables us to suggest improvements, our engineering team carries out tailored evaluations to provide solutions that fit in exactly with production end lines. Improving end-of-line processes, saving on costs and sustainability as a whole are essential criteria in this evaluation. • We analyze the technical points in the client’s...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 15

Tech Solutions Our commitment to constant, innovative development in machine manufacture makes INNOVA a dynamic, flexible Innova Support We want to be your long-term partner by forging an alliance that goes beyond a simple post-sales service. company that fulfills its aim of providing clients with solutions for maximum optimization of their resources during To this end, we will stay with you throughout the working life of the machine, providing support managed by our in-house assistance and maintenance service, which is monitored 24/7 • Packaging solutions for palletized loads. • Automatic...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 17

in project Control and Performance The team of engineers and technical experts at our Technical Department analyzes and assesses solutions for packaging and end-of-line machinery for each client individually, bringing the latest technology in IT and industrial design programs to the table to guarantee that work is done more safely and efficiently. Preliminary study of the client’s current system to find improvements. Cost savings study: consumables and energy. Analysis of any loss of materials to be reduced and/or eliminated. Testing and verification of the recommended plastic, taking the...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 19

TECH SOLUTIONS Highly technological. Highly personal. At Innova, we make high-precision machinery with the most advanced technological features. Our machinery stands out for: its compact size, which enables it to fit into the current space; great adaptability to the client’s needs (speeds, volumes of palletized loads, etc…); integrating easily into existing production processes or lines; improving the company’s sustainability through responsible and efficient energy consumption; and customizing the design of clients’ corporate colors so that the machines match with the plant’s corporate...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 21

inNOVA SUPPORT At your service. Wherever you are. At Innova, we aim to establish a long-term relationship throughout the useful life of the machinery, because we understand how important that is to the client. Our technological solutions are remotely supervised 24/7 to ensure top performance. Working with Innova gives access to: Global, tailored customer service. First-class local technical assistance. Full stock of spare parts. 24/7 diagnosis of incidents by remote control. Preventive maintenance programs. Regular visits from our technicians, who will perform diagnostic tests to determine...

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Innova - Corporate Catalogue - 23

It is impossible to understand Innova without talking about R+D+i. As well as in our name, it is in our DNA. We innovate in products and services by developing new engineering solutions and researching new trends in different sectors. We are passionate about exploring the limits of engineering, but also the limits of design. Our machines have their own personality. They are light, reliable, fast and efficient, while at the same, their sophisticated details and simple lines look good and integrate into our clients’ premises. For us, Innovate is a synonym for breaking the mold, being...

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