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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 1

High Power Semiconductors Best-in-class products to meet your application demands

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 2

EasyPIM™, EasyPACK EconoPIM™, EconoPACK™ The easy way with compact modules Trendsetting in case design and IGBT technology Product range Product range Compact module concept reliability and power Circuit design Bridge rectifier Optimized heat spreading Configuration flexiblity Circuit design fourpack, sixpack High quality and reliability Dual, halfbridge without base fourpack, sixpack technology with Tjop of n IGBT3 Household appliances purpose drives active front-end automated produc- Variable speed drives tion line RoHS compliant Welding applications Pumps, fans Inductive heating...

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 3

34 mm, 62 mm, EconoPACK™ 4, EconoPACK™ +, EconoDUAL™ modules IGBT high current modules IHM, PrimePACK™ The best in class solution for high power applications The most competitive line of IGBTs from the expert Product range n 34 mm / 62 mm modules 600 V, 50 A – 400 A 650 V, 300 A – 400 A 1 200 V, 35 A – 900 A 1 700 V, 50 A – 600 A n EconoPACK™ 4 650 V, 100 A – 400 A 1 200 V, 100 A – 400 A n EconoPACK™ + 1 200 V, 150 A – 450 A 1 700 V, 150 A – 500 A n EconoDUAL™ 3 600 V, 300A - 600A 650 V, 300A - 600A 1200 V, 150A - 600A 1 700 V, 150 A – 600 A Circuit design n 34 mm / 62 mm modules n Single...

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 4

IGBT high voltage modules IHV Devices for traction and high power industrial drives Bridge rectifiers and AC controllers, EasyBRIDGE, eupec™ EconoBRIDGE™, eupec™ IsoPACK™ ... for a more compact converter design Product range Product range compact converter design n AlSiC Chopper modules Diode modules (commuter trains as well as high speed trains) S older pin and PressFIT modules with optional rectifier configuration H ousing concept matches Circuit design eupec™ EconoBRIDGE™ cycling capability n Increased base plate for highest reliability and high power Circuit design EconoPACK™ inverter...

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 5

Thyristor and diode modules PowerBLOCK Thyristor and diode PressPACK A product range for optimum design High power – Low loss Less CO2 generation Product range control thyristors Product range in pressure High current High blocking voltage control thyristors contact technology with screwable power terminals diode PowerBLOCKs for high current and high Diode PowerBLOCKs with single diodes Highest robustness Highest reliability rectifier diodes halfbridge configuration Industrial drives Power supplies line transmission Industrial drives Soft starters Power supplies Soft starters Renewable...

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 6

EiceDRIVER™ IGBT driver boards and ICs We are the experts for power systems IGBT modules reduced system costs due subassemblies thyristor stack design other distributed power generation systems n Uninterruptible paralleling units Large drives Distributed power Medical technology Pulsed power Asynchronous power links Active Miller Clamp secondary drive inductance IGBT stack DC – DC SMPS 8 W Applications peak output current ­thermal management electrical isolation shut down in fault channel isolated for industrial approved n Industrial Renewable energy systems

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 7

Smart – a new sophisticated module concept Infineon’s functional IGBT module family ….with a self acting PressFIT technology Product family MIPAQ™ base n Sixpack configuration with shunts and NTC n 1 200 V, 75 A – 150 A n Well-proven 17mm Econo design n Shunt values matched to rated chip current n Allows accurate current sensing MIPAQ™ sense configuration plus current measurement inside n 1 200 V, 75 A – 100 A n EconoPACK™ 3 package n Sigma delta method for current measurement n Galvanically isolated current measurement by using Infineon Coreless Transformer Technology (CLT) n Sixpack...

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High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications - 8

Where to Buy Infineon Distribution Partners and Sales Offices Please use our location finder to get in contact with your nearest Infineon distributor or sales office. www.infineon.com/WhereToBuy Infineon Technologies – innovative semiconductor solutions for energy efficiency, mobility and security. Published by Infineon Technologies AG 85579 Neubiberg, Germany © 2012 Infineon Technologies AG. All Rights Reserved. Visit us: www.infineon.com Order Number: B133-H9107-G4-X-7600 Date: 04 / 2012 Attention please! The information given in this document shall in no event be regarded as a guarantee...

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