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Dear customers and friends of the company, We are living in turbulent times. But when we look back, we see that this has always been the case. The only difference is the kind of challenges facing each particular time in history. Now, after a good 20 years of concord and global prosperity, changes to the environment in which we operate have caused changes to the work environment. Political tensions and the establishment of trade barriers will leave their mark for some time to come. In addition, the dynamic disruption being enacted on the mainstay of our prosperity – the automobile – is...

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Grooving, drilling and more The new INDEX MS32-6 CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe is ideal for the series production of high-precision turned parts from bar stock with a diameter of up to 32 millimeters. Thanks to a flexible machine concept, the CNC multi-spindle machine can also be configured to make it a serious competitor to cam-controlled multi-spindle lathes, even for simple turned parts.

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INDEX MS32-6 – the CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe for short setup and cycle times We designed the new CNC-controlled MS32-6 multi-spindle automatic lathe to be freely configurable: It can be fully equipped with twelve cross slides and NC axes in X, Y, and Z axes, or set up exclusively with NC-controlled grooving and drilling slides. We were able to retain the proven features and elements of the current INDEX multispindle machines: The front-opening design with good accessibility and ergonomics, as well as various automation options that also enable the MS32-6 to machine chucked parts....

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INDEX quick clamping device. All that is then needed is a quick turn with the wrench and the holder is ready to use. This is true Plug&Play with great effect: Changing the holder is now 50% faster. Also important: Previous tool holders with dovetail mounting can still be used. For greater efficiency: The compact twin turret can be mounted in five spindle positions. A key component is the fluid-cooled spindle drum with its six working spindles arranged in a pitch circle of 250 mm. The main spindle drive permits speeds of up to 8,000 rpm. During machining, an optimum speed is always available...

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Ideally equipped with the iX4.0 apps Machine management Your entry ticket to the digital future With a spare parts stock level of over 95%, the machine will be back up and running in no time. Since July 2019, we have been supplying new machines with the iX4.0 go starter package on request. It allows our customers to use all iX4.0 applications free of charge for twelve months. An IoT connector providing easy link-up to the connected world has been developed for existing and third-party machines. Get going easily and without risk Big data, predictive maintenance, machine learning, AI ... –...

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Tool holder The procurement portal for all your machine needs ffDirect order function – If the entire process is the responsibility of a single person, select your items, place them in the cart and order – online orders placed by 3:30 pm are usually sent the same day. ffQuote/order function – If you use a manual ordering process, request a quote and use it as a purchasing document, enter it in the ERP system, and use the order number as a reference for your order in iXshop – for the fastest possible delivery and full order transparency. ffIntegration function – If your procurement process...

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At Weber it's not only the sausage that is meaty! For the construction of its largely customer-specific plant designs, Weber Maschinenbau requires some 14,000 different turned parts, in batch sizes of between 1 and 10. Its production operation in Neubrandenburg is automated as far as possible and highly productive, while at the same time ensuring a high degree of flexibility. Two networked INDEX G220 turn-mill centers form the core of the solution installed there. A report by Manfred Flohr // magazine “maschine+werkzeug” The ham feed to the slicer alone makes it very clear that this...

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High-performance machines for the food industry Weber Maschinenbau in Neubrandenburg produces high-performance cutting machines, known as slicers. These are used by the food industry to slice sausage meat, cheese, or ham, divide them into portions right down to the exact gram required and then package them for sale. With its sale of 300 slicers, the global market leader sold more in the last year than all the competition put together. Weber has an entire series of machine types in its portfolio, and configures such installations according to customer requirements. “We have a very large...

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Together we've done it! (from left): Andre Idziak, Michael Czudaj, Valentin Trettenbrein, Frank Riemer, and Carsten Toboldt. threefold safety prompt after the clamping equipment change. This required significant input from INDEX and also Promot. A few months in, the new plant is now in constant operation at Neubrandenburg -three shifts, seven days a week, 24 hours around the clock. Entirely unmanned shifts run on the weekend. In the plant hall, the complex interaction between all components of the automated plant has become large-scale. Centrally located between the two G220s from INDEX are...

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Even in its standard version, the INDEX C200 production turning machine is synonymous with productivity in single-spindle bar turning. The newly developed INDEX C200 tandem nevertheless succeeds in creating further potential for cost-effectiveness. Thanks to its unique concept it doubles part output without increasing the Both the main and counter spindles on the INDEX C200 tandem provide a bar clearance of 52 mm. With 20/25 kW, a maximum torque of 115 Nm, and a top speed of 4,500 rpm, they ensure powerful machining. The counter spindle slide supports high dynamic response with a rapid...

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1. Example of a machining task Programming complex workpieces simply, quickly, and reliably The INDEX VPro programming studio offers powerful and field-oriented programming support for INDEX machines, especially in combination with the “Virtual Machine” simulation software. Thanks to simple and convenient interactive guidance, even less experienced users can quickly and reliably create a complete and immediately executable NC program. Parallel machining of workpieces with several tool slides and different technologies on INDEX lathes and turning and milling centers opens up new...

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