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SpeedLine ABC Production turning machine

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For machining simple to highly complex parts in small to large lot sizes, the INDEX ABC with a Siemens S840D sl or Fanuc 31Z-B control always provides for economic and productive solutions. The production turning machine INDEX ABC produces for you simple automatic turned parts just as well as complex CNC turned parts. You work with high flexibility, deliver best quality and produce economically. The possibilities are almost unlimited. The technical equipment is designed to meet your needs: There are up to 19 tools available with which you can completely produce your workpieces on one...

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SpeedLine ABC - 4

Automatic turning to perfection The INDEX ABC has 2 tool turrets with 14 tool mountings. An upper turret with 7 tool stations plus a fixed station for mounting a synchronous spindle (for chuck or collet clamping) and a lower turret with additional 6 tool mountings. Plus five back-boring stations (of which 2 are live) for cutoff-end machining. Optional polygon turning unit up to size 24 also in steel. Complete machining With 5 back-boring stations (of which 2 are live), workpieces can be machined also Pitch circle

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Technology with impressive results

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SpeedLine ABC - 7

The power density Motorized spindle Synchronous spindle High-torque hollow-shaft With collet clamping up to It is driven separately from synchronous motor with pat- stator are cooled directly. the central drive on a dedi- ented headstock air cooling. Short acceleration times, no diameter also for internal cated turret station by a spur ments, low rotating masses, maximum smoothness, high is equipped with an alignment prevents ingress of emulsion; torsional stiffness. and indexing unit as standard. Part production times are valid for only this specified part. More machines in a production line

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SpeedLine ABC - 8

Precision in automatic turning A large variety of machining options for a wide range of parts An investment that pays for itself No matter what you produce Your benefits when using an ABC: You turn complex work- all your manufacturing tasks. pieces in one cycle. You save throughput and setup times. produce classic or demand- ing automatic turned parts. duce even small batch sizes plex CNC turning or simple your production reliability.

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SpeedLine ABC - 9

The ABC comes with an interface for bar loading magazines as standard. • By attaching a loading magazine INDEX LMI, you gain up to 4 s for bar feeding in connection with the bar feeder • Attaching the loading magazine INDEX MBL provides for maximum smoothness and accuracy due to the unique guiding principle • The interface also allows attaching common third-party makes Reduce your unit costs You need another machining station for the production of threads and polygons? The ABC can be equipped with an auxiliary drive. This allows you to realize threads and polygons in brass, aluminum, steel...

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SpeedLine ABC - 10

New The control concept of the INDEX ABC-sl consistently relies on the new SIEMENS S840D sl (solution line) control and the new generation SIEMENS SINAMICS drive. This ensures a future-proof investment: the user gets the latest generation of control technology that supports any type of application. Also the use of Virtual Line for programming support (VPro) or simulation (VM) is now easily possible directly on the control screen! This reduce time and cost! Fast The consistent use of the performance-enhanced S840D solution line control provides uncompromising short execution times for all...

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SpeedLine ABC - 12

FANUC Control 317-Model B - the future-proof standard control. All advantages at a glance: • Control of the latest FANUC series (30-Series, Model B) • FANUC control panel with CNC keyboard and 10.4" TFT color display • Original FANUC machine control panel with axis and spindle override • Electronic handwheel integrated in machine control panel (standard) • Memory for 1000 part programs or more • File system with 3 levels (folders) for structured program storage • USB interface and CARD reader at the control panel • Advanced operator safety by FANUC Dual Check Safety INDEX enhancements and...

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SpeedLine ABC - 14

Acceleration time (0 - 5000 rpm) sec. approx. 1.2 Option: C-axis / aligning and indexing unit (pitch angle 2.5°) Turret 1 Number of stations Tooling system DIN 69880 Slide travels Feed forces Rapid traverse rate Acceleration Resolution Option: Tool drive unit for all stations Speed Power at 25% Torque at 25% X-axis Z-axis X-axis Z-axis Alignment and indexing unit (pitch angle 7.5°) / hydraulic ejecting and flushing unit (ejector stroke 42 mm) Tooling system dovetail mounting with parallel shank Slide travels Feed forces Rapid traverse rate Acceleration Resolution Tool drive unit...

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SpeedLine ABC - 16

LL9602.4458-05.15 AD Printed in Germany Subject to change without prior notice INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky Plochinger Strafe 92 73730 Esslingen, Germany Phone +49 (0) 711 3191-0 Fax +49 (0) 711 3191-587 www.index-werke.de

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