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G200 - 1

G200 Turn-mill center for high flexibility and productivity better, parts. faster.

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G200 - 2

The INDEX G200 with integrated milling spindle Flexible turning and milling – as productive as automatic turning The INDEX G200 is equipped with two identical work spin- The work area, unique in its class, assures with its compact dles, three tool turrets, all of which have a Y-axis, and one foot print an enormous power density for your economic manu- milling spindle with a 360-degree B-axis. facturing of today and tomorrow. This turn-mill center combines the productivity of an auto- In addition, the vertical work area design with up to three tool matc lathe with the ability to perform...

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G200 - 3

Machining example with 360-degree B axis: The machine design • Bar capacity dia. 65 mm Chuck dia. 165 mm • Up to three tool carriers with Y-axis usable on main and counter spindles • Simultaneous machining using two or three turrets • Fast turret indexing • High acceleration and fast rapid traverse rates up to 60 m/min • Generously sized work area The milling spindle (option) • Powerful and dynamic milling spindle (max. 7,200 rpm, 22 kW and 52 Nm), tool mounting HSK-A40 • 360-degree B-axis

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G200 - 4

Flexible productivity from the modular system With a high degree of rigidity, thermal and dynamic stability The powerful milling spindle, in connection with the Y/B-axis as well as very good vibration-damping properties, the INDEX running in hydrodynamic bearings ensures sophisticated G200 enables production with excellent workpiece qualities. drilling or milling operations – without the use of live tool holders – easy and cost-effective.

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G200 - 5

The components Main and counter spindles • Dia. 65 mm • 6,000 rpm • Main spindle 32 kW, counter spindle 24 kW Three turrets with up to 42 stations • 14 stations, VDI25 • 7,200 rpm • Turret 1 Milling spindle • 7,200 rpm, 22 kW, 52 Nm (25%) • Tool mounting HSK-A40 • X-axis 230 mm, rapid traverse rate 30 m/min • Y-axis +/- 65 mm, rapid traverse rate 15 m/min • Z-axis 845 mm. rapid traverse rate 50 m/min • 360-degree B-axis Tailstock • Max. distance from spindle zero 845 mm • Max. pressure force 5,500 N Turret steady • Clamping range 10 – 64 mm Gantry-type removal unit • Dia. max.

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G200 - 6

Incomparably large degrees of freedom in the work area for a wide variety of machining options Use of straight tool holders for the most stringent precision requirements. Machining of long workpieces without interruptions with turret 2 or turret 3 in parking position. Simultaneous internal machining on main and counter spindles. Simultaneous machining with three tools on the main or counter spindle.

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G200 - 8

High-performance milling and drilling – without live tool holders With the optional integrated milling spindle, all drilling and milling operations can be carried out with high performance, productivity and cost effectiveness. High-performance milling: Machining examples Solid carbide drills Ø20 mm Material Torque Md Cutter head Ø63 mm ap: 2 mm Material Torque Md M12 Tapping Material Torque Md Tools are changed automatically in the integrated milling spindle using a pick-up procedure. With the linear tool magazine moving from the left into the work area, a total of 6x HSK-A40 tool locations...

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G200 - 10

With intelligent cooling concept: efficient use of energy Intelligent use of proven cooling principles: • Targeted heat dissipation • Climate-neutral dissipation of heat The cold water interface provides the ability to dissipate All high-loss heat sources of the INDEX G200 are cooled di- heat in a climate-neutral manner, if the machine waste heat rectly with different cooling media via multiple fluid circuits. stored in the cooling medium cannot be used otherwise. In addition to the main and counter spindle, as well as tool The necessary cooling unit can be used with the help of the carrier...

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G200 - 12

■ : ■ ■ The cockpit for easy integration of the machine in your business organization. Focus on production and control - Industry 4.0 included. The Xpanel operating concept provides access to networked production. With Xpanel your staff always has all relevant information for efficient production right at the machine. Xpanel is already included in the standard and can be individually extended. So you can use Xpanel as you want it for your business organization -that's Industry 4.0 tailored to your needs. Future-proof. Xpanel integrates the latest control generation SIEMENS S840D sl. Use...

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G200 - 13

STANDARD included Order documents Customer data Workpiece counter Production status Setup sheet VPC Box Virtual Machine 3D simulation Information center Maintenance & care User management Technology computer Programming help irtualPro Programming Studio + many more standard features

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G200 - 15

Working range Turning length Main spindle, counter spindle Spindle clearance Spindle diameter in front bearing Spindle nose ISO 702/1 Max. speed Drive power MSP / CSP (100%/40%) Torque (100%/40%)_ Chuck diameter Max. rotation diameter Aligning and indexing unit C-axis resolution Counter spindle Slide travel Z, rapid traverse rate, feed force Minimum distance for collet Tailstock Max. distance from spindle zero Max. pressure force Turret 1, 2 and 3 Number of stations Tooling system DIN69880 Max. speed Turret 1 Max. drive power / torque (100%) Turret 2 & 3 Max. drive power / torque (25%)...

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G200 - 16

BRAZIL // Sorocaba INDEX Tornos Automaticos Ind. e Com. Ltda. Rua Jo.aquim Machado 250 18087-280 Sorocaba - SP Phone +55 15 2102 6017 vendas@indexto.mos.com.br br.index-traub.com CHINA ■■■■ Shanghai INDEX Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. No.526, Fute East 3rd Road Shanghai 200131 Phone +86 21 54176637 china@index-traub.com www.index-traub.cn CHINA -■ Dalian INDEX DALIAN Machine Tool Ltd 17 Changxin Road Dalian I 16600 Phone +86 411 8761 9788 dalian@index-traub.com www.index-traub.cn DENMARK ■- Langeskov INDEX TRADE. Danmark Havretoften 1 5550 Langeskov Phone +45 30681790 b.olsen@index-traub.dk...

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