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IMSA Quick Reference Catalog

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QUICK REFERENCE CATALOG Specialists in Precision Gundrilling

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CENTERLINE DRILLING MACHINES FOR CYLINDRICAL PARTS businesses in Italy, European Union, Canada, USA, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Mexico. Many of the recent innovations applied to gun drilling machines for moldmakers were developed by IMSA, and the efforts of IMSA’s design team are still concentrated on this application, with six new machines presented in 2014, 2015, 2016. For centerline deep hole drilling of cylindrical parts, such as oil-hydraulic parts, gears and mechanical transmissions, parts for medical applications, since 2000 IMSA offers a wide range of drilling machines with...

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Drilling diameter min-max mm    1,5 - 6,0 Drilling diameter min-max mm    2,5 - 12,0 Locking    pneum./opt.CNC MFT 500 CR • MFT 1000 CR MFT 1500 CR Drilling diameter min-max mm    4 - 25 Locking    pneum./opt.CNC Drilling diameter min-max mm    6 - 32 Locking    CNC Drilling diameter min-max mm    12 - 42 Locking    hydraulic Customized solutions for different depths will be designed on request Drilling diameter min-max mm    6 - 32 Locking    hydraulic MFT 750 /2T CR Drilling diameter min-max mm Drilling depth mm Counter-rotation Locking Spindle rpm Pressure max DDrilling diameter min-max...

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GUNDRILL MACHINES FOR MOLDS AND BLOCKS Stampi Macchine di Foratura Profonda per GUNDRILL MACHINES FOR MOLDS AND BLOCKS BB-Evo Series Gundrilling and Milling in Sinergy The “BB-Evo” series has been designed and manufactured to complete the well-known gun drill capabilities with enhanced milling performances on machining for hole preparation and completion. In the “evo” design the two units are still kept separated and independent. This ensures the advantages and benefits of a fully operational and functional concept, which is state-of-the-art for IMSA since 2000. No removal of any part of...

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Specialists in Precision Gundrilling I.M.S.A. srl - Via Don G. dell’Acqua, 2/D - 23890 Barzago (Lc) - Italy Tel. +39 031.860444 - Fax +39 031.861446 -

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