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Professional Radio Remote Control for Forestry Winches Safe control in the forest Small and powerful AXT is the pouch remote control designed together with the manufacturers of forestry winches It’s made in compliance with the UNI/EN 17067 Directive governing the safety requirements of remote controls for forestry machinery. It can be customized on specific needs and be used for any application that requires buttons, toggle switches, rotary switches and potentiometers. Technical data Dimensions (L.W.A.) Weight (battery included) STATUS LEDS Max number of ON/OFF commands Max number of analog commands (optional) Signaling operating status, battery charge level and anomaly messages. Access PIN code can be programmed to restrict the use to authorized personel. Casing material Autonomy at 20°C with charged battery in continuous service They are vey compact and thus, allow the operator to have a higher freedom of movement. STOP UMFS protection SELECTOR LEVER - BUTTON BELT PASSAGE BATTERY CHARGER BATTERIES Fast charger and extractable rechargeable NiMh batteries for extra long duration. Practical belt loop for the belt. Transmitter unit, receiver unit, ergonomic leather belt, rechar- Operating temperature geable long-life Nimh removable battery (in the configuration Supply kit with optional lithium battery the autonomy is more than doubled), charger. - 33077 Sacile (PN) Via Ronche, 93 - t. +39 0434 7878 - - www.imetradioremotecontrol.c

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