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CENTERING CLAMP CENTERING CLAMP Self-centering vise for 5-axis machine or rotary table Serrated Jaw Dual surface contact CAD Download :

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CENTERING CLAMPReHS Body Part Number Manual compact self-centering vise.    -Jaws Recommended machining allowance is 0.4mm or -Base Plate more per side of the workpiece. Supplied With 4 pcs. of Locating Screws for Jaws

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■How to Mount Jaws ・Mount Jaws to the jaw bases of CP170. ・Use included locating screws to fix Jaws. Locating Screws (included) *) Jaws are not supplied with CP170. CW Spindle ・Use a hex key to operate the spindle. ・Both jaws move toward the arrow directions by turning the spindle clockwise. ・Both jaws move against the arrow directions by turning the spindle counterclockwise. Technical Information Stroke With CP175-08001S Serrated Jaws With CP175-08001D Dovetail Jaws

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Part Number Use as jaws of I CP170I Centering Clamp. 0 To produce Jaws at customers, prepare 01OF8 mounting holes with 29±0.02 pitch. ■ Serrated Jaw The serrated tips bite into workpiece and clamp powerfully. ■ Dovetail Jaw Dovetail jaw holds workpiece at two surfaces and provides positive clamping. **) Workpiece hardness should be HRC38 or less for use of serrated jaw. Technical Information ■ Di mensions of Centering Clamp    ■Dovetail Groove Preparation with Jaws    Machine dovetail grooves on workpiece to the imno corporator

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BASE PLATEOn Request 2-0 7F7 Part Number CAD Download : imno corporator

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COMPACT PNEUMATIC VISE Ideal for small machining center! COMPACT PNEUMATIC VISE Suitable for compact machining centers. Provides quick and easy clamping operation. Turn the handwheel to set movable jaw at the desired position. One-touch attachment of the handwheel

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Quick & Easy Clamping Air ON Clamp Save setup time and workload. Can control actuation of several vises at a time by air source. Deformation Prevention Can control clamping force by air depending on workpiece materials. Small Body & Easy Mounting Can be mounted on small machining center easily for its compact design. Conventional vise COMPACT PNEUMATIC VISE 280mm 340mm No interference with machine door.

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AMLFV-S COMPACT PNEUMATIC VISE *) The clamping force above is at 0.5 MPa. Supplied With    Related Product 2 of eyebolt    -Use I MVAC-CSl Pair of Clamps for the vise unit fixing. ■For 14 T-slot positioning, use IMVAC-SK Pair of Positioning Keys. -For 18 T-slot positioning, use IAMLFV-FK Pair of Positioning Keys.

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Technical Information (Static Accuracy) 2. Position of fixed jaw **) 1. Height of supporting surface **) Parallel Use For using multiple vises in parallel, we align the fixed jaw within ±0.01. Specify as "Parallel Use" and the number of vise when ordering. 3. Parallelism of top and bottom surfaces of base 4. Parallelism of keyway and fixed jaw 5. Squareness of fixed jaw and top surface of base Performance Curve 35 Clamping Force (kN)

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VISES How To Use ■ Connection with Air ■To use the front clamping port, attach an air block plug (included) into the rear port. ■To use the rear clamping port, attach an air block plug (included) into the front port. ( anas® mPTFWflgl ) . iJ Turn a handwheel for setting a movable jaw at the desired clamping range. ■ Clamping Same Shape Workpieces The clamping stroke of the movable jaw is 2mm with air supply. The clearance between workpiece and the movable jaw should be 1mm or less. ***) For repeated clamping operation, have a periodic check of the ©_©    clearance between workpiece and...

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MVAC-CS PAIR OF CLAMPS imno Part Number For fixing I AMLFV-S Compact Pneumatic Vise MVAC-SK PAIR OF POSITIONING KEYS Part Number Body Steel Quenched & tempered Precision ground Positioning keys for I AMLFV-S Compact Pneumatic Vise with 14mm T-slot. AMLFV-FK PAIR OF POSITIONING KEYS For M5 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw Part Number Positioning keys for I AMLFV-S Compact Pneumatic Vise with 18mm T-slot. Steel Quenched & tempered Black oxide finished Precision ground_

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