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MI 00 301 Il Materiale MI 00 301 è molto affidabile, ha una bassa usura resistente alle alte temperature. Risulta molto silenzioso durante l’utilizzo. Composizione del materiale: Il filo in fibra di vetro di rinforzo è avvolto a spirale su un sottile nucleo in rame. Questo da origine ad un materiale resistente con buone proprietà di trasferimento del calore su tutta la superficie. MI 00 301 is very reliable Friction Material, has a low rate and hard wearing. MI 00 301 is very silent during use. Composition:The glass fiber reinforcment yarn is spiral woven with a fine copper core to produce a strong material with good heat transfer characteristics. Dati Tecnici / Technical Data Friction propieties (according graphics) Static Friction Coefficient (15bar, from box): Static Friction Coefficient (15bar, 100ºC): Dynamic Friction Coefficient: Wear Rate: Physical properties Hardness (DIN53505): Specific Gravity (ASTM D792): Ignition Loss (ASTM D7348): Thermal Conductivity (ASTM E1952): Mechanical properties Compressive Strength (ISO 844:2014): Burst Resistant (200 x 137 x 3,5) 200°C: Recommended Working Values T° Max. Continuous Operation: Others Recommended Mating Surface: Recommended Adhesives: Perlitic cast iron, hardness HB150-200 Thermosetting adhesive Rubbing speed, temperature and pressure are related. Changing any values will change other. The values shown represent typical conditions, but are not ultimate limits of the material.

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