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INDUSTRIAL CALIPER BRAKES The wide range of pneumatically actuated caliper brakes makes it possible to meet the most diverse requirements in the field of modern machine design. The wide range of mounting possibilities together with the effectiveness and precision of the pneumatic device allow to solve any problem related to braking. Positive Pneumatic Collet model SPF-3 Positive Pneumatic Collet model SPZ Positive Pneumatic Collet model SPC Positive Pneumatic Collet model SPO-05 The negative brakes allow to satisfy the need to brake and block the rotating parts of the machines without any external energy source. In this typology of product the braking force is guaranteed by the springs present inside the brake, and it is therefore an application of remarkable interest. Negative pneumaticcaliper model SPL-N3 Negative pneumatic caliper model SPX-N3 The series of hydraulically controlled caliper brakes allows a wide range of solutions for braking problems, especially for those cases where the machine only allows hydraulic drives. The wide range of possible uses of this type of product make it its strong point. In order to respond effectively to safety regulations, a range of hydraulically controlled spring brakes has been provided. The wide possibility of use of this type of product make it its strong point. Positive hydraulic clamp model SPX-3Y Negative hydraulic caliper model SPR-N4Y

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