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Friction materials and braking systems

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In principio fu la ruota In the beginning was the wheel Great was that day when man first saw that a “round object” could roll and, if mechanically modified, could move things about, even man himself. Homo sapiens, in his geniality, traveled from one place to another without effort, dreaming of a bright and prosperous future, until one day he strongly felt the need to slow down!! Then came the “martinicca” It was no longer enough to tell the slaves to “Halt!!”. The use of animals and the increase in speed had made Martino* feel that another force was at play and that it had to be brought...

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FRICTION MATERIALS FOR BRAKES AND CLUTCHES Since the time of Martino, research has gone forward non-stop. Both common and professional use of the brake has steadily evolved. Where strength, power and speed were necessary, the more sophisticated and effective the brakes became. Modern friction materials are now able to withstand high temperatures and heavy loads. Whether we are talking about Formula One racing, overhead cranes or even a simple mountain bike, everything is proportional, everything is studied.

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HISTORY IMA, in both name and fact, is the essence of its founders. This is the story of Italo Martelli and his mother Armelinda, who in 1966 opened a small machine shop in Florence to service and repair brakes and other car parts. # Between 1966 and 1968 the company grew rapidly and soon had I a workforce of 11. The Martelli family began its activity in the safety business and, i over time, specialized in the development of friction materials i and braking components.

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# In 1996, Massimiliano Martelli - Italo’s only son - after various work i experiences, joined the company. In those early years he spent his days in the workshop optimizing processes, investing in new and increasingly i refined machinery, and studying ways of speeding up the processing and modification of braking components. i He soon broadened his range of activity and grew to understand the strategic importance of building partnerships with customers and i suppliers of industrial machinery requiring braking systems. The laboratory expanded to become a serious business activity, which, i...

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• In 2010 the company obtained the DASA REGISTER certification for i quality 9001: 2010. i i i f In 2016 the team was enlarged to include a specialized production i technician and a sales manager. This was the moment in which the company really took off. Many important projects took flight as well as i 1international collaborations outside of the EU. i i i i Today, in partnership with specialized chemists, the company works with over 30 different types of friction material compounds, which i have multiple industrial applications. IMA specializes in creation and producion of custom-made...

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The needs of our client are our core business. We are proud that our work has been appreciated by the most prestigious experts worldwide - specialized mechanical workshops and the most highly qualified engineers and chemists with whom we work to design personalized solutions. The market is constantly evolving and it is crucial to stay on top of technological innovation as we develop customized products and materials. Thanks to our skilled professionals and the excellence of our partners and suppliers, our customer is always satisfied – whether we are rebuilding an existing system or...

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OUR LONG-TERM VISION for Friction Materials In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, we have been actively investing in digital transformation with our participation in ADhocktech, an innovative start-up developing an online market exclusively for industrial components. Additionally we have been expanding our global commercial activities with a focus on our 100% green vision. Engineering Plastics, WE SIMPUFY YOUR PROJECT The two drivers on which IMA is repositioning its brand, the economy of regeneration, reuse and recycling and their implementation by our highly skilled professionals,...

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Drill winch brake For gas, crude, steam, water Industrial brake pads Winch brake PROJECT SPECIFIC PRODUCTS Sectors for presses, shears, cutters, Brakes for self-braking motors bending machines Brakes for hydroelectric turbines Brake shoes for lifting mechanisms

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IMA ADVANCED SERVICES Feasibility studies . Sample production . Construction of supports in steel or other alloys as well as vulcanization of friction material. Project development with the customer. Construction of molds and tools to engineer the machining process. Recovery and restoration of friction material. Servicing, maintenance and reconstruction of brake Material selection. shoes and other braking components.

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SOME OF OUR MATERIALS MI 00 601 standard friction material molded conglomerate. SWR tape rolls of cotton and copper fibre weave impregnated with phenolic resins MI 00 301 friction material conglomerate reinforced with copper fibres. (Woven Roll) MI 00 604 friction material material conglomerate free of metal particles. TAM 01 tape rolls of resin-based standard semi-flexible conglomerate. MI 00 201 Friction material reinforced with high metallic charge; high mechanical RCI 21 conglomerate reinforced with metal charges to give greater mechanical strength created in tape rolls.

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Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to satisfy the requests of our customers We follow each project with precision and care, building prototypes that pass to production only after careful testing and approval. In recent years we have created on-demand braking solutions for numerous industrial sectors, including: • Wind turbines • Oil & Gas drilling machinery • Elevators and lifts for both people and materials • Presses and pressing machines • Hydroelectric power plants We have developed highly sophisticated materials, which are the result of advanced...

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IMA GREEN: REGENERATION, REUSE AND RECYCLING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE For us, attention to the environment and to future generations is not simply a trend. We have always believed in a circular economy that focuses on people and nature, where reuse and recycling creates not only cost efficiency, but is, above all, the direction of society and the market. In our shop, thanks to the expertise acquired in over 50 years of activity, we rebuild brake parts with “worn-out” materials. In this way we are able to reduce waste materials by between 20 and 30 percent, thus reducing waste and the...

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