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COMBINED BRAKE-CLUTCHS Technical specifications of these units yeld a very low dynamic inertia. This is essential in all applications where a high connection clutches per hour is required and in all cases where the dynamical moment of the clutch-brake unit has got a great importance as regard the machine. Braking action is obtained by means of springs, the clutch operates pneumatically. Brake and clutch are designed not to operate simultaneously. Materials selected for the construction guarantee a very high resistance to mechanical stress and a long life of parts subject to wear. A special design attention has been paid to heat dispersion, this makes S units particularly suited for all applications where frequent start and stop are required: presses, shears, rolling mills, textile machines, machineries for iron, plastics, wooden, paper manufacturing and so on. The unit self adjustment, its simple construction and control device allow a safe running ad a minimal maintenance at the same time. Combined brake-clutch SFF model 148-775 mm 80-19000 Nm static 3200-700 max rpm Combined brake-clutch SD model 325-1135 mm 240-13400 Nm static 160-8700 Nm dynamic 2500-700 max rpm Combined brake-clutch SF model 148-775 mm 40-10000 Nm dynamic 3200-700 max rpm Combined brake-clutch S model 148-775 mm 65-13400 Nm static 30-8700 Nm dynamic 3200-700 max rpm

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