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MV - 2

C-Lube Maintenance Free Series Designation of Identification Number and Specification Example of an Identification Number The specifications of the MV series are indicated by the identification number. Indicate the identification number, consisting of a model code, dimensions, a part code, a preload symbol, a classification symbol, and any supplemental codes for each specification to apply. The aquamarine end plate is the symbol of maintenance free. Long term maintenance free compliant! Track rail Number of slide units Model code Part code Preload symbol Classification symbol Supplemental code...

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MV - 3

Identification Number and Specification 1 Number of slide units Length of track rail Model Size Number of Slide Unit Length of Track Rail Preload amount Accuracy Class C-Lube Linear Way MV : MV (MV series) Accuracy class Ordinary High Precision Super precision Indicates the number of slide units assembled on a track rail. Indicate the length of track rail in mm. For standard and maximum lengths, see Table 1. No symbol For details of accuracy class, see Table 3. For applicable combinations of accuracy class and H preload amount, see Table 4. P SP Table 3 Tolerance and allowance 40 Table 1...

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MV - 4

Special specification Special specification For applicable special specifications, see Table 5. For combination of multiple special specifications, see Table 6. For details of special specifications, see page 29. Table 7 Track rail mounting bolt size (Supplemental code /MA) Size Bolt size for track rail Table 9 Dimension of slide unit with double end seals (Supplemental code /V /VV) L4 L1 Table 5 Application of special specifications Table 6 Combination of supplemental codes Table 8 H1 dimension with under seal (Supplemental code: /U) 20 81 83 25 101 111 30 125 141 Remark: The dimensions of the...

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MV - 5

Precaution for Use Mounting surface, reference mounting surface and typical mounting structure When mounting the MV series, properly align the reference mounting surface B and D of the track rail and slide unit with the reference mounting surface of the table and bed and fix them. (See Fig.2) The reference mounting surfaces B and D and mounting surfaces A and C are precisely ground. Machining the mounting surface of the table and bed, such as machine or device, to high accuracy and mounting them properly will ensure stable linear motion with high accuracy. Reference mounting surface of the...

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