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Ball Type Miniature Series Miniature linear motion rolling guides produced by 's unique downsizing technology C-Lube Linear Way ML Linear Way L Micro Linear Way L Ball Type Compact Series High versatility universal linear motion rolling guides seeking out to be lower, narrower, and shorter for downsizing C-Lube Linear Way ME Linear Way E Low Decibel Linear Way E ME45 LWE45 Ball Type High Rigidity Series High rigidity linear motion rolling guides having the greatest load ratings among ball type linear guide units thanks to steel balls of large diameters C-Lube Linear Way MH Linear Way H MH45 LWH45 Ball Type Wide Rail Series LWFH LWFF Linear Way F Linear motion rolling guides using a wide track rail, resistant to rolling moment, and fit for single row rail arrangement LWFF33 Ball Type U-shaped Track Rail Series Linear motion rolling guides of high track rail rigidity, adopting U-shaped track rail C-Lube Linear Way MUL Linear Way U Roller Type Linear motion rolling guides having highest performance levels in every characteristic, maximizing excellent characteristics of rollers C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX Linear Roller Way Super X LRX85

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 2

We've got to give the earth a chance We recognize that the conservation of the global environment as the top-priority challenge to all human being and will help fostering a rich global environment through its activities with the considerations to the environment and reducing negative impacts on the environment as our corporate social responsibility. Maintenance free for 5 years or 20,000 km

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 3

Features of Maintenance Free Series Minimizes the precious oil resources! Requirs no oiling device and pipes. These can reduce the initial cost. Contributes to reduce total costs C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX Ecology specifications Endurance running test of 20,000 km or more accomplished without Without any oiling device that occupies your space, you can use the work space effectively. Improvement of time-consuming Widens the degree of lubrication management freedom of machine

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Maintenance Free Series Features of C-Lube Linear Way, Linear Roller Way Innovative world first structures incorporating C-Lube C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX Aquamarine endplate for identification of maintenance free "Long-Term Maintenance-Free" Realized Singly by Oil Impregnated in C-Lube Maintenance free Endurance running test of 20,000 km or more accomplished singly by oil in the C-Lube Additional grease in the slide unit assures the long-term maintenance free service. Enables "maintenance free" till the end of machine life. This assumes a general machine life. Test result of...

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 5

Interchangeable specification Ultimate Interchangeable system obtained by thorough seeking to reduce every kind of wastes "Interchangeable" Interchangeability in accuracy Interchangeability among types of slide unit Short delivery products You can order any quantity of any part at any time you want. Assures high machine accuracy in a combination of two or more units!! Easy addition and replacement of units!!

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 6

Interchangeable specification You can select a desired combination of types, accuracies, and preloads Ultimate interchangeable system Interchangeable specification is newly available ut elp Sorted o H Interchangeable specification realizes ; Quick design change Giving higher accuracy and changing preload class Slide unit and track rail can be assembled to other mechanical part individually Any shape, accuracy and preload class of slide unit and track rail can be assembled Slide unit and track rail can be stocked separately and it contributes minimum storage space Extending machine life and...

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 7

Excellent features enabled by Simple structure of two-row and four-points contact adopts a two-row and four-points contact for every Linear Way Series. This structure can realize high-precision smooth movement also in the Micro Series by design knowhow and production technology has acquired. This structure can receive a load in every direction in a well-balanced manner and assure high stable precision and rigidity even when the load changes its direction and size or when complex loads are used. Four-points contact structure simple two-row and four-points contact Interchangeable Thanks to a...

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 8

Linear Roller Way Series Ultimate high performance produced from world's leading unique roller guide structure Super high load capacity Super high rigidity Cylindrical rollers give a larger contact area compared to steel balls, and higher load capacity is attainable. Incorporating a large number of cylindrical rollers, C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX has very high load ratings. Rigidity of linear motion rolling guide has a large influence to the performance of machines or equipment in which they are assembled. Very high rigidity of C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX is achieved owing to...

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 9

Linear Roller Way Series Excellent vibration damping characteristics As compared with ball types in the same size, C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX has higher rigidity and gives much smaller deformation value under repeated fluctuating load. The natural frequency is high, and the vibration damping time can be very short. Due to the great load capacity of the roller type compared with the ball type, C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX enable downsizing of the linear motion rolling guide with its abundant variations. It also enables downsizing of the machines and devices. Vibration damping...

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IKO C-lube linear portfolio - 10

Wide variation Wide type and size variation Miniature type Compact type C-Lube Linear Way ML Linear Way L C-Lube Linear Way ME Linear Way E Low Decibel Linear Way E Linear Way L is a miniature type linear motion rolling guide, incorporating two rows of steel balls arranged in four point contact with the raceways. Although it is small in size, it provides stable accuracy and rigidity owing to its simple design even in operations under fluctuating loads with changing direction and magnitude or complex loads. Length of slide unit Wide rail type MLF LWLF Linear Way E is a linear motion rolling...

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