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IKO INTERNATIONAL, INC. NIPPON THOMPSON EUROPE B.V. Head office : 19-19 Takanawa 2-chome Minato-ku, E-mail : ntt@ikonet.co.jp Plant : Gifu, Kamakura ASEAN REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE Level 8, #1 Silom Road, Silom Bangrak, Bangkok 28 Xuanhua Road, Shanghai People's Republic of China 200050 E-mail: ntc@ikonet.co.jp 12A Jianguomenwai Ave, Chaoyang District, Beijing People's Republic of China 100022 E-mail: ntc@ikonet.co.jp Suite 834, Garden Tower, Garden Hotel 368 Huanshi Donglu Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong People's Republic of China 510064 E-mail: ntc@ikonet.co.jp Room 0233, Novotel Wuhan Xinhua 558 Jianshe Avenue, Jiang Han District, Wuhan, Hubei People's Republic of China 430022 E-mail: ntc@ikonet.co.jp East coast E-mail: eco@ikonet.co.jp 500 K East Thorndale Avenue E-mail: mwo@ikonet.co.jp West coast 9830 Norwalk Boulevard, Suite 198 E-mail: wco@ikonet.co.jp 3333 Bowers Avenue, Suite 155 E-mail: wco@ikonet.co.jp 2150 Boggs Road, Suite 100 E-mail: seo@ikonet.co.jp E-mail: swo@ikonet.co.jp E-mail: nte@ikonet.co.jp E-mail: ntd@ikonet.co.jp E-mail: ntdr@iko-nt.de E-mail: ntdn@iko-nt.de 2 Vincent Avenue, Crownhill Milton Keynes Bucks MK8 OAB United Kingdom E-mail: sales@iko.co.uk Polig. Ind. AIDA, A-8, Otic. 2,1 a Guadalajara, Spain E-mail: nts@ikonet.co.jp E-mail: ntf@ikonet.co.jp Recognizing that conservation of the global environment is the top-priority challenge for the world's population, Nippon Thompson will conduct its activities with consideration of the environment as a corporate social responsibility, reduce its negative impact on the environment, and help foster a rich global environment. registration certificate •Certified/ •Certified/ June 2011 ESSE Overseas Dept.(OKU)

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Linear Motion Rolling Guides are used with satisfactory results for various applications requiring precision positioning such as semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, large sized machine tools, industrial robots, and precision equipment. In contrast to conventional rolling bearings used in rotating parts, Linear Motion Rolling Guides are the products applicable to plane sliding surfaces, and meet the increasing needs for linear motion and precision positioning in machines and equipment. Linear Way and Linear Roller Way of rail guide type, Linear Ball Spline of shaft guide type, and other...

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Types of Linear Motion Rolling Guides The rail guide type achieves linear motion along a rail. This product can receive a complex load and features high perfor- mance, excellent total balance and easy Endless linear motion Limited linear motion The shaft guide type achieves linear motion along a shaft. This product is easy to handle and suitable for relatively low load conditions. Some shaft guide products can achieve both rotation and reciprocat- Flat guide type linear motion rolling guides can receive only a uni-directional load but feature high rigidity in the load direction. Endless...

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Ball Type Miniature Series LWL1 LWL2 ML 5 LWL 5 LWL3 Miniature linear motion rolling guides produced by 's unique downsizing technology LWLF4 ML 7 LWL 7 ML 9 LWL9 ML 12 LWL 12 MLF 10 LWLF 10 LWLF6 ML 15 LWL 15 MLF 14 LWLF 14 ML 20 LWL20 MLF 18 LWLF18 ML LWL C-Lube Linear Way ML Linear Way L Micro Linear Way L ML 25 LWL25 MLF 24 LWLF24 MLF 30 LWLF30 MLF 42 LWLF 42 Ball Type Compact Series ME LWE C-Lube Linear Way ME Linear Way E Low Decibel Linear Way E High versatility universal linear motion rolling guides seeking out to be lower, narrower, and shorter for downsizing ME 15 LWE15 ME 20...

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Contributes to Preserving The Global Environment Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. is working to develop global environment-friendly products. It is committed to developing products that make its customers’ machinery and equipment more reliable, thereby contributing to preserving the global environment. This development stance manifests well in the keyword “Oil Minimum.” Gentle to The Earth Our Pursuit of Oil Minimum has Led to The Creation of ’s Proprietary Family of Lubricating Parts as “C-Lube.” The C-Lube Series not only keeps products maintenance-free for long by giving them an optimal and...

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Features of Maintenance Free Series Suppressing oil consumption Ecology specifications Ecology Maintenance free Space saving Contributes to reduce total costs and environmental loads. Improvement of time-consuming lubrication management works Widens the degree of freedom of machine designing Gentle to The Earth Effective to reduction of oil consumption Equivalent to the half around the earth Effective use of space U.S. PATENTED C-Lube Linear Way ML No. C-Lube Linear Way ME 7677804 7252435 6729761 6712511 5435649 5289779 5250126 No. C-Lube Linear Way MH No. 7748905 7677804 6729761 6712511...

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Features of Maintenance Free Series Features of C-Lube Linear Way, Linear Roller Way Innovative world first structures incorporating C-Lube "Long-Term Maintenance-Free" Realized Singly by Oil Impregnated in C-Lube Maintenance free C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX C-Lube Linear Way ML Aquamarine endplate for identification of maintenance free Endurance running test of 20,000 km or more accomplished singly by oil in the C-Lube Additional grease in the slide unit assures the long-term maintenance free service. Enables "maintenance free" till the end of machine life. Test result of Durability...

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Features of Interchangeable Specification Ultimate Interchangeable system obtained by thorough seeking to reduce every kind of wastes "Interchangeable" Interchangeability in accuracy Interchangeability among types of slide unit Short delivery products You can order any quantity of any part at any time you want. Assures high machine accuracy in a combination of two or more units!! 13 Easy addition and replacement of units!! 14

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Interchangeable Specification You can select a desired combination of types, accuracies, and preloads Ultimate interchangeable system Interchangeable specification is newly available Interchangeable specification realizes ; Requirements of ; ut elp Sorted o H Quick design change Giving higher accuracy and changing preload class Slide unit and track rail can be assembled to other mechanical part individually Any shape, accuracy and preload class of slide unit and track rail can be assembled Slide unit and track rail can be stocked separately and it contributes minimum storage space Extending...

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