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2011 New Product Guide - 2

S2S0D products evolving originality IKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series IKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series •Extra high rigidity long unit debut! (Size 9,12,and"! 5) IKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series ►High rigidity long unit is expanded in Flanged type and Compact block type! (Size 15) C-Lube Linear Ball Spline MAG ►The smallest size among the series is debut! (Size 4) ►High rigidity long external cylinder is lined up! (Size 4, 5, 6, and 8) ►The smallest size among the series, TE50 is debut! ►Low-weight, low-cross section, and compact precision positioning table made of high-strength...

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2011 New Product Guide - 3

"C-Lube" achieves long-term maintenance free of the product to suppress the quantity consumed of the lubricant to the minimum, and to supply the lubricant of the optimum quantity for a long term, and contributes also to the global environment greatly. C-Lube Linear Roller Way ube Linear Ball Spline Lubricant is distributed by the circulation Lubricant is supplied directly to the rolling elements. As the rolling elements circulate, the lubricant is distributed to the load- ing area along the track rail. This results in adequate lubrication being properly maintained in the loading area for a...

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2011 New Product Guide - 4

IIKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series | ML series is a linear motion rolling guide of the super-small size invented by an original small sizing technology. Stabilized accuracy and rigidity can be obtained even under the usage in which load that of the direction and the size change and compound load even though it is extremely small because of the structure of the arrangement of the steel ball with four point Variation of C-Lube Linear Way ML Remark I 1 Interchangeable specification which enables combination of slide unit and track rail freely is available. j Upgrading of load capacity and...

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2011 New Product Guide - 5

IIKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series | identification of maintenance free. [ Track rail ] MH series is a high rigidity linear motion rolling guide with the greatest load capacity by assembling of large diameter balls in. Stabilized accuracy and rigidity can be obtained even under the usage in which load that of the direction and the size change and compound load. Flanged type mounting from bottom High rigidity Flanged type High rigidity Extra high rigidity long Block type High rigidity Extra high rigidity long Compact block type High rigidity Remarks 1. Stainless steel type is also lined up...

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2011 New Product Guide - 6

Patent pending CAT-57181 Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way H Upgrading of load capacity and rigidity on your machine! Great load ratings have been achieved by thoroughly reviewing of specification of the contacting area in raceways against the former type. Comparison of basic dynamic load ratings 43 to 79% higher than former type! Comparison of basic static load ratings 60 to 113% higher than former type! Former type Cage-creeping issue terminated perfectly! Original structure of built-in rack and pinion gear mechanism has terminated cage-creeping issue. Freedom in mounting ■ High-speed...

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2011 New Product Guide - 7

Patented CAT-5510.1 X Usable from low to high-vacuum regions! (vacuum 10-3[Pa]) Excellent low outgassing characteristics! Baking temperatures up to 200°C! Temperature in a static state. At baking temperatures above 150 degree C, multiply the basic load rating by a temperature coefcient. Superb corrosion resistance! Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used on all steel parts. Lubricant selection Fluorine-based grease is recommended. Please pay attention to the relation also between vapor pressure and temperature of uorine-based as shown in following graph when selection of grease. For...

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2011 New Product Guide - 8

IKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series Patent pending 57182 Precision Positioning Table TE Precision Positioning Table TE is a light-weight compact positioning table featuring that its main components are made of high- strength aluminum alloy and the slide table is placed inside a U-shaped bed. Its driving mechanism adopts a precision-ground ball screw to assure high reliability high-precision positioning. A C-Lube lubrication part built in the linear motion tolling guide and the ball screw enables long-term maintenance-free operation. This can reduce your time-consuming for lubrication. Motor...

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2011 New Product Guide - 9

IIKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series | CAT-57184 Super Precision Positioning Table TX High Precision Positioning Table TX has realized almost as high positioning performance as the air stage by incorporated the ultimate rolling guide EBSl Liner Roller Way Super X in ESSE] Precision Positioning Table LH which is well-known for high accuracy and high rigidity as the base. Slide table Long-term maintenance free! Long-term maintenance-free feature is achieved by lubricating part, C-Lube built-in linear motion rolling guide and ball screw. Not only reduction of the cost of lubrication management...

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2011 New Product Guide - 10

IIKD C-Lube Maintenance-free series | Patent pending CAT-57183 Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC...E is light-weight, low-cross section, and compact precision positioning table, which is TE table with tight-sealing structure with stainless sheet and side covers that prevent dust generating from the table to the surrounding environment to correspond to cleanliness ISO Class 3 (Federal Standard 209D classl). C-Lube lubrication parts are built-in the linear motion rolling guide integrated in the slide table and the ball screw, achieve long-term...

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2011 New Product Guide - 11

Minimizing Lubricant Requirement 1 Hard access to lubricating? 2 Machines and work places are dirty with lubricant? 3 Lubricating tools and instruments occupy the working places? 4 Having problems keeping up with lubrication maintenance schedule? Find solutions with "C-Lube bearings" are EJKEPs unique maintenance free bearing products with thermosetting solid lubricant (Capilube) pre-packed in the bearing space. As the bearing rotates, the lubricating oil oozes out onto needle rollers and raceways in proper quantity keeping the lubrication performance for a long period of time. For cam...

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