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Calorimeters The World of Calorific Value Determination

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We're all fired up about how to make your life easier! Liquids or solids, a low or high sample throughput, for standards compliance or for checking purposes - IKA has the right high-quality calorimeter for determining calorific values, for any requirement and any laboratory environment. Fast, reliable analyses, accuracy and stability over a long service life - this is what makes our calorimeters intriguing and dependable companions in everyday laboratory work. Personalized Application Advice You can test all the calorimeters yourself at the IKA Application Center. Our experts will analyze...

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C1 /// The smallest calorimeter in the world The C 1 is a tiny giant. It takes up hardly any space in the laboratory, yet offers a high degree of automation. Where there is no need for compliance with standards, however calorific values still need to be determined or processes tested with a high degree of accuracy, this calorimeter makes life so much easier. It works according to the isoperibolic principle and with a static jacket. This makes the C 1 a strong partner for industrial and testing laboratories. It is especially popular in: the waste management industry, the foodstuffs and...

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Your Laboratory, our C 1 Package What kind of laboratory do you have? With us, you will certainly find the right C 1 package. For example, if you only have a cold-water connection and your samples have a high halogen content, we recommend the C 1 package 3/12. The therein contained water heater guarantees the temperature required for its operation and ensures reproducible results. The C 1.12 decomposition vessel, included in the delivery, provides the necessary corrosion protection for chlorinated samples. What do you need? Just get in contact with us! Technical data C 1 Calorimeter...

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C 200 /// The perfect entry-level calorimeter The C 200 works in compliance with several standards, saves space and is cost-effective. It consists of robust technology, making it especially low-maintenance. IKA also offers a “Student Mode” version of this combustion calorimeter, for schools, technical colleges, universities and national institutions. This is even clearer and more instructive, being used for educational purposes. C 200 Functions Student Mode enables deep understanding of every stage of the calorimetric process. The C 200 is particularly space-saving. It is especially popular...

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Your Laboratory, our C 200 Package The C 200 auto and halogen-resistant C 200 h auto packages enable the C 200 to be operated with a completely automated water circuit. Water circulates in a closed circuit and is kept at a constant temperature by the RC 2 basic circulation chiller. This reduces test preparation time for the user in the laboratory and leads to reproducible results. Technical data C 200 Calorimeter TECHNICAL DATA Measuring range max. Temperature measurement resolution Permissible ambient temperature Measuring modes > Isoperibol > Manual (Student mode) > Dynamic > Time...

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C 6000 /// An evolution in calorimetry The champion of modern calorimetry has been developed even further. The new C 6000 has an intuitive touch screen with unique user guidance. The high level of automation simplifies everyday work and enables high sample throughput. The strictest adherence to standards gives rise to the most accurate repeatable results in the world and guarantees the desired assurance. C 6000 Functions The new movement-sensitive touch screen guarantees even easier, more intuitive use. The C 6000 easily meets all standards. Especially suitable for: sectors in which...

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Your Laboratory, our C 6000 Package The C 6000 is available in global standards or isoperibolic versions. Thanks to the innovative technology of the C 6000 global standards, conventional adiabatic as well as isoperibolic measurement methods can be used. This makes it the only device with such a high level of automation in the market. Both variants also have a fast dynamic mode. Technical data C 6000 Calorimeter TECHNICAL DATA CALORIMETER STANDARDS Temperature measurement resolution Oxygen operating pressure max. Measuring modes > Isoperibol 22 / 25 / 30 °C > Dynamic 22 / 25 / 30 °C >...

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C 7000 /// When it needs to be fast The C 7000 is the first calorimeter from IKA to have a completely dry design. It measures the calorific values of liquid and solid samples directly in the decomposition system. Depending on the selected pre-testing time, the measurement times can be reduced to 3 to 7 minutes. The system can handle up to eight different decomposition vessels from one set of coding. This makes timely decisions and fast progress with work processes possible. C 7000 Functions The dry device design enables extra-fast measurement in just a few minutes. The especially robust...

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Measurement cell Your Laboratory, our C 7000 Package The C 7000 is available either as a variant with a standard decomposition vessel (Set 1) or with a halogen-resistant decomposition vessel (Set 2) for samples with a particularly high halogen content, such as those, which especially occur in the waste industry. What do you need? Just get in contact with us! Technical data C 7000 Calorimeter C 7000 SET 1 | Ident. No. 0008800900 C 7000 Measurement cell, C 7002 Cooling system, C 48 Oxygen station, C 7010 Decomposition vessel TECHNICAL DATA Measuring range max. Temperature measurement...

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TECHNICAL DATA TECHNICAL DATA Calorimeter standards Temperature measurement resolution 0.0001 K RSD (NIST benzoic acid NBS39i) 0.15 % DIN 51900 DIN CEN/TS 16023 DIN SPEC 19524 DIN EN 15400 DIN EN ISO 1716 DIN EN ISO 9831 DIN EN 15170 DIN EN ISO 18125 DIN EN 14918 ISO 1928 ASTM D5865 ASTM D5468 ASTM D4809 ASTM D240 GB T213 40,000 J 0.0001 K 0.05 to 0.15 % Calorimeter standards DIN 51900 DIN CEN/TS 16023 DIN SPEC 19524 DIN EN 15400 DIN EN ISO 1716 DIN EN 14918 DIN EN ISO 18125 ISO 1928 ASTM D240 ASTM D4809 ASTM D5865 ASTM D5468 Temperature measurement resolution 0.0001 K RSD (NIST benzoic...

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