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motion? plastics! ... schmierfrei Lagern leicht gemacht ● Cost down – life up. Increase service life and reduce costs. This is the goal of all igus® products. Through our motion plastics® innovations. smart plastics ... predictive maintenance smart plastics Anonymous sensor data ● Online easy – everything. Determine the service life of igus® products, configure, simulate and order online. icom Wireless UART to CAN-BUS Customer application data https:// Customer model update EC.RC run control Secure customer application space Secure customer portal DLT.W wear detection Application models...

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... lubrication-free made easy iglidur® slewing ring bearings iglidur PRT Guided precisely: iglidur® PRT with pretension Exakt geführt: iglidur® PRT mit Vorspannung Slewing ring bearing innovations: components for automation solutions Rundtischlager-Innovationen: Bausteine für Automatisierungslösungen iglidur® bar stock Order bearings online Calculation of the anticipated service life for each article and more Berechnung der voraussichtlich zu erwartenden Lebensdauer für jeden Artikel und mehr Page Seite 44 l Product range extensions – new dimensions Erweiterung des Halbzeug-Programms –...

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drylin® WWB drylin® WW drylin® camera slider drylin® TW-12 drylin® A160 drylin® NWV drylin® flange bearing drylin® shafts Lubrication-free drylin® carriages with spring pretension for curved rails Schmierfreie drylin® Kurven-schlitten mit Federvorspan-nung ITT The first lubrication-free stainless steel carriages in the drylin® W linear system Der erste schmierfreie Edel-stahlschlitten im drylin® W -Linearbaukasten drylin® W camera slider now in installation size 10-30 drylin® W-Kameraslider jetzt in der BaugroBen 10-30 drylin® T heavy-duty linear guides now in sizes 15 to...

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NEMA11 stepper motor with connector NEMA11-Schritt-motor mit Stecker drylin® GRR lightweight Z axis with direct drive via rack drylin® GRR-Leichtbau-Z-Achse mit Direktantrieb uber Zahnstange Prototype: drylin® ZLN -extremely small toothed belt axis Prototyp: drylin® ZLN -kleinstaufbauende Zahnriemenachse ► Page Seite 142 ► Page Seite 144 ► Page Seite 146 ► Page Seite 134 New kind of low-cost plastic strain wave gear Neuartiges Low-Cost-Ku nststoff-We llgetriebe A modular joint system for the most different kinematics Ein Gelenkbaukasten fur verschiedenste Kinematiken As simple as a toy, but...

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Lager smart gemacht: Bearings made smart: Wartung und Instandhaltung an Maschinen und Anlagen effizienter und wirtschaftlicher machen Making the maintenance and repair of machines and systems more efficient and cost-effective For the isense family of products, many new sensors and monitoring systems have been developed, making the igus® plastic solutions into intelligent products. The result: igus® components do not simply develop a defect unexpectedly but predict this defect and indicate a need for maintenance beforehand. With this new development, igus® has established a method of...

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efficient … cost- effective ... smart Moving energy made smart: intelligent smart plastics as active shapers of smart factories Energieführen smart gemacht: Intelligente smart plastics als aktive Gestalter der Smart Factories As a manufacturer and supplier of plastic components such as energy chains, cables and bearing products, igus® is likewise going through a digital development process and is increasingly orienting its products towards use in smart factories. The aim is to make the maintenance and repair of its plastics more efficient and cost-effective. Thanks to the newly developed...

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The sensors at a Die Sensoren auf einen Blick: icom Data concentrator EC.B breakage detection e-chains ® e-ketten® Brucherkennung Compresses sensor data for cost-effective IoT. Transmission to igus® server. Komprimiert alle Sensordaten zur kostengünstigen IoT Übermittlung an den igus®-Server. The sensor detects a chain breakage at its initial stage and shuts down the system before an expensive complete breakdown caused by long repurchasing times. By measuring the uniform rolling behaviour, a shut-off signal can be triggered in the event of a rising e-chain® caused by a blockage in a gliding...

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Smart production: solution comes with the problem Smarte Produktion: Lösung kommt mit dem Problem Early ordering of replacement parts thanks to connection to ERP Dank Anbindung an ERP frühzeitige Ersatzteilbestellung Anonymous sensor data Anonymous sensor data Customer application data igus® testlab test data Wireless UART to CAN-BUS Customer application data igus® testlab test data Sensor data pool (data lake) Sensor data pool (data lake) Production visualisation EC.P push/pull detection Customer network: Profinet, Ethernet, Etherkat, CC-Link, IE, ... https:// SPS CF.P push/pull detection...

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isense-stand-alone isense-offline Keep production trouble-free „the easy way“ Produktion „einfach“ störungsfrei halten Keep track of things at all times in large halls Auch in großen Hallen stets den Überblick behalten EC.M motion sense Sensor data EC.W wear detection EC.B breakage detection EC.B breakage detection EC.P push/pull detection Intranet access CF.P push/pull detection EC.I wear detection DLT.W wear detection DLT.W wear detection PRT.W wear detection PRT.W wear detection Customer site using smart plastics Customer site using smart plastics Customer site using smart plastics...

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Each sensor can be called up individually. Jeder Sensor kann individuell aufgerufen werden. Daily maintenance recommendations ... ... tagesgenaue Wartungsempfehlung ... Online condition monitoring from anywhere in the world – daily maintenance recommendations Online Statusüberwachung von überall auf der Welt – tagesgenaue Wartungsempfehlung In addition to the maintenance recommendation in days, all measured sensor values can be displayed with history on a detailed page. In this way, exceptional operating conditions or creeping mechanical changes can be detected early on and corresponding...

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