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3D printing Solutions for 3D printing 40% less costs, 80% less weight, 100% less maintenance plastics for longer life

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Lubrication-free printing and lubrication-free bearing solutions. Maximum 3 ­ D printing freedom thanks to the large igus® motion plastics® system. Lubrication-free printing. Abrasion and wear-resistant tribo plastics for additive manufacturing via selective laser sintering (SLS) or the use of filament (FDM/FFF) allow you to use the printed bearing or to test the function of the part reliably and completely from the prototype or production batch onward. Lubrication-free bearings. Through the use of igus® high-performance plastics, 3D printers and scanners are maintenance-free and operate...

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motion? plastics! – Our drive? Plastic! motion? plastics! Tribologically optimised machine parts made of plastic for all kinds of movements. Our slogan can be translated thus. We have been pursuing this idea passionately for more than 50 years. Plastic is light, robust, cost-effective and has low friction. Maintenance? Equal to zero, because our products are without any additional lubrication, show little wear and hardly cause downtimes. We make precise service life prediction with our online tools - simply enter the technical data of your particular application. The 1965 idea: "Show me the...

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Tribo parts, created easily according to your needs: everything a question of quantity. With around 100 different materials for very different environments, igus® now offers the largest selection of tribo-enhanced plastics. igus® also offers the most common methods of processing Tribo plastics such as 3D printing, extrusion or injection-moulding. As a result, the design engineer always has the right quantity of the right parts in each phase of his project development work. Advantages of igus® products in 3D printing: ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● Lubrication-free Silent operation and smooth sliding...

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3D printing / SLS For prototypes or small quantities made from tribo-filaments with the laser sintering method Wear-resistant materials for 3D printing and the laser sintering method - print parts yourself or have igus® Machined/turned From small series made of iglidur ® bar stock For greater designing freedom: bar stock for doing it yourself or supplied immediately as your finished part. Printed tools For small quantities made from iglidur ® granules 3D-printed injection mould tools. Bearing parts with a simple geometry can be made from most iglidur® materials. Injection moulding For...

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Components made of igus® tribo-filament are up to 50 times more wear-resistant than standard materials for 3D printing and therefore have an extremely long service life. Due to their excellent tribological properties, they are suited for 3D printing of replacement parts for e.g. bearings, drive nuts, gears and other parts. The igus® Tribo-Filaments can be processed on 3D printers that are based on the fused-depo- Material: iglidur ® J260-PF Extremely long service life and excellent coefficients of friction ●● Outstanding abrasion resistance of tribo filaments ●● pplication temperature from...

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The right iglidur filament for your application Processing instructions iglidur® tribo-filaments can be processed on any 3D printer that is equipped with a heated print bed on which temperatures are adjustable. The igus® adhesive film allows a good adhesion between the iglidur® tribo-filament and the print bed. Further recommended printing surfaces are "Buildtak" or "Blue-Tape" with glue applied "Pritt Power" stick. ●● ood ventilation should be provided during processing G ●● When heated above +300 °C, hazardous fumes are produced Example Part No. tribo-filaments I150-PF-0175-0250 for 250 g...

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Tested! The material iglidur ® I3, specially developed for laser sintering, proved to have an abrasion resistance at least three times higher than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribological tests in the igus® test laboratory. This means the degree of design freedom for wear-resistant parts has been further increased. ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● Wear-resistant Good mechanical properties Detail accuracy with exact surfaces Can be processed using the standard parameter set Refresh rate: 75% wear rate [µm/km] In this wear test, the abrasion resistance of iglidur ® I3 is higher than that...

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Industry brochure: 3D printing - 9

Tribo sensation: iglidur ® J260-PF filament 3D print filament impresses during tests with injection moulding quality Our iglidur ® J260 tribo-filament is more wear-resistant than standard print material Our series of tests show: printed plain bearings from our latest filament iglidur® J260 are equally as wear-resistant as our injection-moulded parts from the same material. The tests have also proven that iglidur® 3D print filaments have considerably lower coefficients of friction and are up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional 3D printing materials. This makes iglidur®...

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ABS iglidur® iglidur® iglidur® iglidur® iglidur® I150 I170 I180 J260 I3

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In two simple steps 3D-printed component - with instant price. We print your individual component, using lubrication-free, abrasion-resistant iglidur ® high-performance plastics. Upload your drawing in the STEP (STP) format, check the 360° view and select a filament. We ship your desired product - depending on the complexity - from 24 hours. Tested strength when compared to machined and injection-moulded parts. 3D print materials from igus® are robust and composed of wear-resistant materials made of iglidur ® high-performance plastics, which are especially suited for moving applications....

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With the new gear configurator from igus®, gears can now be configured online in just one minute and ordered immediately in the igus® web shop. In the igus® 3D printing service, the gears, consisting of iglidur ® I6, are printed with the SLS method. The high-performance plastic specifically developed for gears is characterised by high wear resistance and, when tested, beats machined gears made of common materials such as POM and PBT. Making gears without special equipment is almost impossible due to the complex involute toothing. In order to facilitate the work of designers, igus® has now...

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