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Axial load, static (compressive force direction) N 45,000 Axial load, static (tensile force direction) N 5,000 Axial load, dynamic (compressive force direction) N 12,000 Axial load, dynamic (tensile force direction) N 2,000 Radial load, static N 4,000 Radial load, dynamic N 1,000 Rotat. speed dry running rpm 120 Max. perm, tilting moment Nm 120 Slewing ring bearing configurator The most common criteria for selecting an iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing are firstly the loads and torques to be supported and secondly the installation space available and the minimum central implementation distance required. The suitable sizes and types are selected on the basis of this data and the speed and their service life is calculated. ► www.igus.eu/prt-expert 586 Online tools and more information ► www.igus.eu/prt

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iglidur® PRT | Technical data Diagram 01: Required drive torque versus applied moment Diagram 02: Required drive torque versus applied moment Diagram 03: Deflection versus applied moment All load values assume the PRT is assembled with socket head screws (strength class 8.8) on the outside pitch circle diameter. For the assembly (using strength class 8.8 screws) of the PRT, the screws have to be inserted to a minimum thread depth of 2 x d in every hole location in the outer ring. All data can be used for both lateral and horizontal assembly (including overhead installation). 3D-CAD files,...

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Product range Slewing ring bearing, high rigidity - Type 01 Stainless steel version ESD-compliant • Aluminium or stainless steel body (upon request) • Replaceable maintenance-free sliding pads made of iglidur® J (Standard) ► page 141, iglidur® H1 (for temperatures up to +180 °C) ► page 297, or iglidur® F2 (ESD-compliant) ► page 457 Order key Size [mm] Options Options: Body material Blank: Aluminium ES: V4A stainless steel Sliding pads Blank: iglidur® J H1: iglidur® H1, high temperature F2: iglidur® F2, ESD-compliant (only in conjunction with stainless steel) ©Accessories ► From page 594 10)...

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I f f i Stainless steel version • 4 standards for outer drive rings are available - A classic spur gear according to DIN3967 - Commercially available belt profiles: T10, AT10, HTD8M • The inner ring is fixed and the outer ring driven • The outer ring carries the item to be moved • Outer ring available in stainless steel as an option (suffix "-ES") Toothed belt profile AT10 Toothed belt profile T10 Toothed belt profile HTD5M (-20)/HTD8M .-HTD5M .-HTD8M 3D-CAD files, prices and delivery time online ► www.igus.eu/prt 589

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