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EDITO Located in the French Alps, IDS - Industrie Développement Services - specializes in technical mats and floor coverings. As a trademark of ID GROUP, IDS belongs to the HID holding company with fully private share. With more than 20 years of experience, IDS has developed a very complete range of innovative and high-performance industrial mats meeting the most demanding and varied needs. A very large stock of 4000 m² is at your disposal in our premises. If you are looking for a technical mat or flooring we have the solution: Just enter the world of IDS ... Why choose an ANTIFATIGUE MAT?...

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IDS Industry - 3

Ask yourself the right questions : HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR ANTI-FATIGUE MAT What type of work environment is it? ^ Dry, wet, oily, chemical... What are the working conditions of the work station? ^ Static or moving position... What is the type of attendance? ^ Foot traffic, machines, pallet trucks... ( 1 The manufacturer’s warranty apply in the context of normal use of the products. 1 year warranty : 100 % - 2 years warranty : 50 % - 3 years warranty : 33 % Warranty y^g warranty js degressive. It has a duration of X years (see product sheet) from the date 5 years warranty : 20% - 10 years...

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IDS Industry - 4

Information in the table is for reference only. We have samples available for testing under real conditions or for untested products. Tests were carried out at a temperature of 20°C, these may vary depending on the concentration of the products. Our warranty will be canceled for any use of the products in an unsuitable environment (Index 3 or 4). «Fire classification» Pictograms Anti-fatigue Antislip thermal sound- Draining insulation proofing «Anti-slip» pictograms: Various pictograms:

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IDS Industry - 5

Anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats Pages 6 to 16 Anti-static and anti-fatigue mat: page 10 Rubber gratings PVC Gratings Pages 22 to 23 Interlocking polypropylene and PVC tiles Interlocking rubber tiles Page 27 Rubber rolls Tactile guidance strips and slabs Electric insulating mat: page 31 Anti-contamination mat Sanitary gratings Pages 34 to 35

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IDS Industry - 6

Anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats NT427 The anti-fatigue mat on roll Composition: 100% vinyl foam Applications: assembly lines, industrial workstations Environment: dry Advantages: - high quality closed cell vinyl foam - thermal insulation - reduces noise and breaks - protects floors - bevelled edges to avoid the risk of falling - yellow marking allowing the delimitation of a safety zone - anti-slip granulated surface - economical solution to reduce fatigue from occasional standing Colors: grey (G), black (B) and black with yellow borders (BY) + Info: - flexibility obtained by the material:...

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IDS Industry - 7

The high performance anti-fatigue mat Composition: 4 mm vinyl upper surface on 100% nitrile closed cell foam of 10 mm (NT415) / 20 mm (NT615) Applications: any type of workstation in the industrial environment with heavy traffic Environment: dry or slightly oily Advantages: - 4 bevelled edges to limit the risk of falling - very resistant thanks to its vinyl surface - excellent grip thanks to its tread-plate surface look - model with yellow marking to delimit a safety zone - thermal insulation - relieves back and leg fatigue - long lifespan and excellent shape memory thanks to its thick 100%...

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IDS Industry - 8

Anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats NT420 Mat for commercial environment Composition: 3 mm vinyl surface on 10 mm 100% nitrile closed cell foam Applications: workstations using ergonomic chairs, standing workstations, packing and shipping preparation stations, commercial workstations Environment: dry, chemical (see table p.4) Advantages: - bevelled edges to avoid the risk of falling - anti-slip, abrasion-resistant surface - very efficient for heavy traffic areas - exceptional comfort throughout the day thanks to its texture - closed cell non-porous nitrile foam Colors: - standard color: marbled...

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IDS Industry - 9

Special welding mat Composition: SBR rubber surface on 100% nitrile closed cell foam Applications: welding and grinding stations Environment: dry Advantages: - bevelled edges to avoid the risk of falling - resists sparks from welding and grinding - rough anti-slip surface - surface very resistant to weld spatter - long life expectancy - excellent anti-fatigue performance thanks to high-end 100% nitrile foam Color: black + Info: - flexibility obtained by the material: foam - cutting on request - custom dimensions: contact us Nitrile foam Anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats 12, Reference...

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IDS Industry - 10

Anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats The two-layer anti-static and anti-fatigue mat Composition: 4 mm vinyl surface on 10 mm 100% nitrile closed cell foam Applications: all workstations sensitive to the risk of static electricity: electronic assembly workshops, commercial environments, manufacturing areas, etc. Advantages: - 2 in 1: anti-fatigue and anti-static function - uick and efficient dissipation of static electricity thanks to q the upper surface which is connected with a ground cord - xceptional comfort thanks to high quality nitrile foam e - mproves employee productivity i - evelled...

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IDS Industry - 11

Composition: high-end foam composed of nitrile and PVC Applications: all the positions where you have to kneel or lie down Environment: dry, slightly oily or chemical (consult us) Advantages: - atented design to avoid knee, neck and back pain p - ortable and versatile p - asily and securely switches from a knee mat to a neck e or head support - non-conductive - silicone free - ntifungal treatment a - il resistant o - high abrasion resistance - comfortable and light product Color: black Knee mat 53 cm Lock the mat in the rolled position using the 2 connectors to obtain support for the neck...

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IDS Industry - 12

Anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats The ergonomic interlocking mat Composition: 100% nitrile rubber Applications: production and assembly lines, static stations in an industrial or commercial environment, sorting centers, etc. Environment: dry, slightly wet, oily Advantages: - evelled edges to avoid the risk of falling b - antislip - self-weighted - bsorbs shock and insulates from the cold thanks to the a bubble design - sound-proofing - improves working conditions and productivity for people standing - ong life expectancy l - nterlocking to equip long workstations i Color: black + Info:...

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