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State-of-the-art Co-rotating Twin Extruders

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HP - v HIGHER FREE VOLUME D/d at 1,65 IMPROVED ENERGY SAVING • AC water cooled motor • New barrel insulating systems HP - t BOOSTED SPECIFIC TORQUE 18 N/m с

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ICMA offers four class of co-rotating extruders within the MCM family. The HT extruders have speeds from 150 to 750 rpm and are available in sizes ranging from 30 to 140 mm. Standard high - and low-speed co-rotating extruders are available in ten different sizes, ranging from 40 Equipped with modified gearboxes and screw shafts, they can transmit up to 40% more torque than conven- to 220 mm. Extruders are normally configured for the specific process, and optimized to fully exploit the engi- tional extruders of the same size and screw speed. The HT line is designed especially for those...

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HP family (HIGH PERFORMANCE) The HV (HIGH VOLUME) class The latest addition: the HP family, is top of the range in terms of performances. It is available in 2 distinct classes: HP-v that combines a boosted specific torque with a higher free volume available and the HP-t class instead characterized by the highest available torque. The innovation was not limited to the increase in the volume / torque values, but also a series of technological Designed and engineered to satisfy a specific market demand, the HV Series is based on high free volumes in the melting chamber. This concept allows for...

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Screws diameter Motor power Average capacity

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ADVANCED COMPOUNDING SYSTEMS THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER  Resin compounds with mineral, metallic, organic and fiber fillers  TPO polyolefin matrix, modified with EPDM  Masterbatches and masterbatch additives  TPV polyolefin matrix, modified with vulcanizable EPDM  Polymeric alloys  Techno-polymers  Flame retardant resins, including halogen-free (HFFR)  TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)  WPC (Wood Plastic Compounds)  Bio-resins and compounds  Cross-linkable Polyethylene - XPE  Compounds for Hot Melt adhesive resins  Polymerization/extrusion of TPU  Cross-linkable, peroxide-based PE,...

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