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ETHERNET SWITCH, 5/8/16-PORT, UNMANAGED, 10/100/1000 MBPS Thanks to their very compact design, the new Helmholz unmanaged Ethernet switches can be used for a variety of industrial applications. The light and yet robust industrial design is suitable for installation on the DIN rail and can be very easily integrated into the network. Once plugged in, they are immediately ready for operation with the simple plug&play solution. The tool-free push-in connection for the power supply supports installation. With the Industrial Ethernet switches from Helmholz, you can connect up to 16 Ethernet...

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PROFINET SWITCH, 4/8/16-PORT, MANAGED Connect up to sixteen network participants to save time and costs with the managed PROFINET switch. It supports PROFINET according to Conformance Class B and offers transmission security through ring redundancy as an MRP client. One of the most important functions of a PROFINET switch is the prioritizing of the PROFINET frame traffic in the machine network. The switch can differentiate whether the frame is a web query, an FTP file transmission, a media stream, or a PROFINET frame. In the case of a high transmission load, the important PROFINET frames...

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Technical advantages when using a PROFINET switch - Prioritizing of PROFINET frames - Assignment of a configuration via the device name - Neighborhood detection - Device exchange without programming device - Ring redundancy - Each port can be activated or deactivated - Diagnostic messages for network problems - Identification and maintenance data Operator Panel Engineering Station Also interesting PROFINET CONNECTOR, RJ45, EASYCONNECT® The industrial-grade metal housing provides the necessary robustness, so that the connection can be used in many industrial areas. To save the user time in...

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