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FIELDBUS APPLICATIONS | PROFINET PN/PN Coupler V2 Features - Galvanic separation of the networks Product info PN/PN Coupler V2 - PROFINET transmission rates of 100 Mbps - No influencing of the opposite side in the event of bus system failure ORDERING DATA DP/PN Coupler V2 Features - PROFIBUS up to 12 Mbps Product info DP/PN Coupler V2 - PROFINET transmission rates of 100 Mbps - Setting of the PROFIBUS addresses using DIP switches or software ORDERING DATA PN/ModbusTCP Coupler Features - 300 configurable slots for PROFINET IO data Product info PN/ModbusTCP Coupler - Supports the full...

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PN/CAN gateway Features - Transmission objects can also be transmitted cyclically Product info PN/CAN gateway - Automatic and controlled reception and transmission objects for CAN frames with project-compatible identifiers ORDERING DATA PN/CAN gateway, PROFINET/CANopen master PN/CAN gateway Features - CANopen slave device according to CANopen protocol DSP 301 Product info PN/CAN gateway - Up to 16 TPDOs / 16 RPDOs - Up to 1420 bytes of input data and 1420 bytes of output data on PROFINET ORDERING DATA PN/CAN gateway, PROFINET/CANopen slave PN/CAN gateway Features - Up to 512 different CAN...

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Your advantages when using a Helmholz PROFINET gateway With our PROFINET gateways, we make it possible for you to link machines with one another directly at the I/O level. Achieve a seamless data flow between systems from various manufacturers, irrespective of the PLC used. Simple commissioning No programming necessary Configuration only with GSDML/GSD files Compact design for installation on DIN rails Also interesting PROFINET SWITCH, 4/8/16-PORT, MANAGED Save time and costs byconnecting up to 16 network participants with the PROFINET switches. The managed switches sup- port PROFINET...

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