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COMPONENTS FOR PROFINET AND INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS Industrial Remote Solutions | Industrial Ethernet | Fieldbus applications | Distributed fieldbus I/O system

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INDUSTRIAL REMOTE SOLUTIONS Secure IOT remote maintenance access Optional with PROFIBUS and serial interface Remote maintenance | Visualization | Alarming | Protocoling Machine access and data sovereignty in your hands User-friendly | scalable INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET Company network WALL IE, Industrial NAT Gateway/Firewall Secure communication and simple addressing Industrial Ethernet, networked smart Machine network WALL IE securely protects your automation network against unauthorized access. Ethernet Switch, 5/8/16-port, unmanaged, 10/100/1000 Mbps Industrial Ethernet Connector,...

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FIELDBUS APPLICATIONS | PROFINET PROFINET/PROFINET Coupler PROFIBUS/PROFINET Coupler Connecting PROFINET networks with one another Connect PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks PROFINET/ModbusTCP Coupler PROFINET/EtherNetIP Coupler PROFINET/MQTT Coupler Connect PROFINET and Modbus networks Connect PROFINET and EthernetIP networks Connect PROFINET and MQTT networks PROFINET Switch 8-port, managed, IP67 FLEXtra® PROFINET Switch, 16-port Also available as Ethernet Switch, 8-port, unmanaged Also available as unmanaged switch PROFINET Switch, 4/8/16-port, managed Innovatively networking automation...

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DISTRIBUTED FIELDBUS I/O SYSTEM TB20 The I/O system for a variety of application areas; fieldbus-overarching and proven in practice. 3-part module structure | Freely definable auxiliary contact (auxiliary terminal) | Up to 1,024 inputs/outputs per configuration possible | Hot-swap-capable modules 2, 3, 4, 6, 8-channel modules for digital and analog signals | 16-channel modules with a narrow installation width Counter modules | SSI encoder interface | Serial communication | Energy meter | High-feature modules | Digital mix modules | DMS weighing module Software for: Elegant planning and...

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