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STEAMBIO 4000 - 2

S T E A M B I O 4000 | G E N E R A L DATA STEAM CLEANER + VACUUM + DETERGENT TANK (option) The STEAMBIO 4000 is a steam generator with a vacuum system for a semi-industrial use. This model enables both cleaning and decontamination of surfaces (pre-disinfection). STEAMBIO 4000 High-pressure and high-temperature steam (7 bars and 170°C) Simultaneous steam spray and vacuum for an optimum cleaning Stainless steel body: very resistant One single button: very easy to use Can be used with a disinfecting agent Cuts water consumption Eliminates bed bugs and microorganisms Steam cleaning advantages...

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STEAMBIO 4000 - 3

Vacuum hose output Weight Total power Control panel Steam hose output Vacuum power Steam flow Water + detergent tank Vacuum tank How to use the STEAMBIO 4000 Warning: if you want to use the machine with a degreasing or detergent agent, please contact us. Refill the tank at the back of the machine with water ONLY. Switch the machine on, and wait for about 5 min for the green light to appear. Use the hose to clean every surface and corner, reminding the following rules: • Go from cleaner to dirtier • Go from up to down on vertical surfaces • Go from further to nearer • Start with the less...

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STEAMBIO 4000 - 4

Hotels - Public areas

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STEAMBIO 4000 - 5

Steam flexible hose - 5 meters Straight steam hose nozzle Curved steam hose nozzle Steam nozzle Nylon steam brush Brass steam brush Extension hose Floor steam scraper Window steam scraper Triangle steam brush

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STEAMBIO 4000 - 6

S T E A M B I O 4000 | ACC E S S O I R E S STEAM ACCESSORIES + SUCTION Strengthened vacuum and steam flexible hose, with handle - 5 meters Extension hose - 500 mm Floor steam and vacuum scraper 300 mm Holder for water scraper Holder for carpet scraper Holder for dirt scraper Window scraper Adapter for close steam and vacuum contact Vacuum sucker Chewing gum scraper Nylon brush Brass brush Seat sucker Window scraper for sucker - 150mm

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