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ibaPADU-S Modular System In brief ■■ Modular system used for capturing and processing measurement signals ■■ For measurement and control applications ■■ Central units (CPUs) that can be connected to ibaPDA and ibaLogic ■■ Intelligent signal processing ■■ I/O modules for input and output of analog and digital signals ■■ Modules with special functions, e. g. counter modules ■■ Up to 4 I/O modules that can be used in any combi­ nation ■■ Supports all ibaNet protocols, including the 32Mbit Flex protocol ■■ Capturing and recording signals with ibaPDA-V6 ■■ Processing signals in order to control systems with ibaLogic-V4 Modular design The modular system ibaPADU-S offers a wide range of ap­ plications for capturing and processing measurement sig­ nals. When equipped with the appropriate I/O modules, the system supports also control applications. The modular design of ibaPADU-S is based on a component part carrier with backplane panel for the central unit and up to four other input or output modules. The fields of application depend on the CPU type, the mounted I/O modules and the used iba-application (ibaPDA or ibaLogic). Following some typical applications: ■■ Capturing/recording signals with and without preprocessing ■■ Signal management ■■ Controlling Central units (CPU) for any demand The central unit of the ibaPADU-S system is available in 2 versions: The ibaPADU-S-IT version is a powerful CPU with an integrated processor. In addition to fast measurement it is suitable for intelligent signal processing and system control. The ibaPADU-S-CM version is a pure communica­ tion unit for analog and digital I/O of different signals. Additionally both CPUs offer 8 digital inputs on board with an input level of ±24 V. ■■ Fast drive and positioning control ■■ Condition Monitoring ■■ Data logger (Transient Fault Recorder) ■■ Mill chatter monitoring and excentricity analysis ■■ Power Quality Monitoring Wide range of I/O modules The system includes several I/O modules for analog and digital I/O of different signal levels, for voltage and cur­ rent signals as well as for SSI and pulse transmitters. The samp­ ing rate for each module is adjustable up to 40 kHz. l Due to the modular design and the wide range of I/O mo­ dules the ibaPADU-S system can be flexibly customized to user-specific applications.

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Easy configuration The I/O modules are detected automatically by the cen­ tral unit. The ibaPADU-S system can be configured by means of the I/O manager in the ibaPDA-V6 software ap­ plication or the I/O configurator in the ibaLogic-V4 appli­ cation. The central unit requires a power supply of 24 V DC. The power supply of I/O devices is provided internally by the backplane bus. Up to two separated component carriers fit in a 19” rack side by side. A synchronization channel on the backplane guarantees isochronous sampling of all I/O modules. Various backplanes and accessories are available...

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Application examples Measuring system with ibaPDA-V6 ■■ Measuring application (capturing, recording, analyzing) ■■ Signal recording with ibaPDA-V6 Measuring system with ibaPDA-V6 along with pre-processing of all process data ■■ Signal pre-processing with ibaLogic-V4 (e. g. filtering of interferences) ■■ Generating characteristic values from raw data ■■ Signal recording with ibaPDA-V6: - measured signals from I/O modules - pre-processed signals ■■ Further applications: control function with parallel data measuring Stand-alone control system ■■ Freely programmable modular system for fast...

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Short description Name CPU for ibaPADU-S modular system CPU for ibaPADU-S modular system Order number 1.6 GHz Atom processor, single CPU Operating system Unbuffered; synchronization by DCF77 (digital input) or NTP 2x host, 1x device for service applications Galvanically isolated, protected against reverse polarity, single ended Galvanically isolated, protected against reverse polarity, single ended Input level Nominal voltage Max. signal voltage Signal level log. 0 Signal level log. 1 Input current Debouncing filter Optional: 4 different operating modes Optional: 4 different operating modes...

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Connection diagrams ibaPADU-S-IT Technical data, valid for all ibaPADU-S modules Operating and environmental conditions Cooling Operating temperature Storage- and transport temperature Mounting position Vertical, mounted on backplane panel Installation height Protection class Dimensions (width x height x depth) Weight (incl. box and documentation)

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Input modules for analog signal electronics ■■ ibaMS16xAI-10V ■■ ibaMS16xAI-10V-HI ■■ ibaMS16xAI-24V ■■ ibaMS16xAI-20mA Input modules with 16 analog voltage inputs Input module with 16 analog current inputs Order number Galvanically isolated Single ended Galvanically isolated Single ended R/C low pass 40 kHz (permanent) Anti-aliasing filter, 4th order 20 kHz Butterworth (in addition) R/C low pass 40 kHz (permanent) Anti-aliasing filter, 4th order 20 kHz Butterworth (in addition) Input level ±60 V DC permanent ±100 V DC for 1 min., followed by 10 min. max. signal voltage ±60 V DC permanent...

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Fields of application ■■ Power generation and distribution ■■ Test benches ■■ Power factor compensation plants ■■ General voltage or current measurement ■■ Condition monitoring

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Input modules for current and voltage transformers in medium and high voltage technology ■■ ibaMS3xAI-1A/100A ■■ ibaMS4xAI-380VAC ■■ ibaMS8xAI-110VAC Short description Name Input module with 3 analog current inputs Input module with 4 analog voltage inputs Input module with 8 analog voltage inputs Order number Galvanically isolated 2 A/D converters per channel single ended Galvanically isolated single ended Galvanically isolated single ended R/C low pass 40 kHz (permanent) Anti-aliasing filter, 4th order 20 kHz Butterworth (in addition) R/C low pass 40 kHz (permanent) Anti-aliasing filter,...

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Special Feature The additional functions are automatically detected in baPDA and can be configured in the I/O Manager. In addi- tion to the actual measured values, the additional function is available as virtual signal in the signal tree and can be displayed, recorded and used for calculations like all other ■ Power generation and distribution ■ Power factor compensation plants Connection diagram

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