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ibaFOB-io-ExpressCard In brief ■■ ExpressCard with 2 fiber optic connections for laptop computers ■■ Fast data transfer between card and computer’s memory by DMA technology (CPU load relieving) ■■ Support for all ibaNet communication protocols (2 Mbit/s, 3.3 Mbit/s, 5 Mbit/s and 32 Mbit/s) ■■ Up to 512 analog and 512 digital signals to be sent/ received over the fiber optic link ■■ Automatic detection of synchronous/asynchronous mode ■■ Sampling time between 40 µs and 1 ms ■■ Replacement for ibaCom-PCMCIA-F with FO-adapter ibaCom-FO-A ■■ Standard ExpressCard/54 ■■ Plug and Play Properties The card is a member of the ibaFOB-D card family and should be used with mobile computers for measurement purposes. It can be used for connecting a notebook computer with iba field devices like ibaPADU analog-digital converter units, ibaNet750 devices, ibaLink system couplings and iba bus monitors. The ibaFOB-io-ExpressCard with its integrated fiber optic adapter provides for higher data transmission rates (up to 32 Mbit/s) compared with the former ibaPCMCIA-F card and shows a performance like the ibaFOB-io-D card. Considered this, a measurement with mobile computers can be of the same quality level like with stationary systems. ibaPDA-V6, version 6.24 or higher is required for operation of this card. Communication protocols All current and former ibaNet communication protocols are supported. Thus, data from an old ibaPADU device (S/N < 1000) as well as from an ibaPADU-S-IT of the new generation can be processed by this card. Furthermore, the ibaNet protocol 5 Mbit/s for fast data acquisition (25 kHz) over devices ibaPADU-8-ICP, ibaPADU8-M or -16-M is supported. The valid ibaNet protocol of the fiber optic input data stream is detected automatically and set. Fast data processing with reduced CPU load Due to the DMA technology (DMA = Direct Memory Access) measured data are written directly into the computer’s memory which is used by the software application for reading the data. It is a significant relief for the CPU load while data traffic is boosted. Following, you‘ll find a listing of some iba field devices which can be connected to the ibaFOB-io-ExpressCard: ■■ ibaPADU-8, -16, -32 ■■ ibaPADU-8-ICP, -8-M, -16-M ■■ ibaPADU-S-IT ■■ ibaDIG-40 ■■ ibaBM-DPM-S, -64 (Profibus DP) ■■ ibaBM-CAN (CAN-Bus) ■■ ibaBM-DVN (DeviceNet) ■■ ibaBM-SLM (SIMOLINK) ■■ ibaBM-DDCS (DDCS Drive Bus) ■■ ibaBM-COL-8i-o ■■ ibaBM-DIS-i-8o ■■ ibaBM-FOx-i-3o-D ■■ ibaNet750-BM ■■ ibaPACO-4 ■■ ibaLink-SM-64-i-o ■■ ibaLink-SM-64-SD16 ■■ ibaLink-SM-128V-i-2o

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Technical data Short description Name Order number ExpressCard with 2 fiber optic connectors Connections Number Fiber optic cable Fiber optic connector type Data transmission rate Support for all ibaNet communication protocols: 2 Mbit/s, 3.3 Mbit/s, 5 Mbit/s, 32 Mbit/s Power supply and indicators Power supply Power consumption Operating and environmental conditions Cooling In ExpressCard/54 slot of the notebook computer Operating temperature Storage temperature Transport temperature Weight (incl. box and documentation) iba AG Koenigswarterstr. 44 • 90762 Fuerth • Germany • Phone: +49 911...

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