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Dust binding - Emission prevention - Firefighting

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Emission Prevention & Fire fighting Dust binding · Odor absorption · Wetting · Watering · Cooling

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ESM150 dust binding machine ESM170 dust binding machine DLS nozzle pipe system HD-V high pressure fans HD-DLS high pressure nozzle system HD-D high pressure nozzles ND-P/HD-P pumping units HD-S/ND-S control systems HDR 60/20 flow pressure regulator Services & costum solutions Moderate water consumption High water consumption Industriestrasse 2, 2722 Weikersdorf, Austria  |  Tel.: +43 (0) 2622 21734 - 0  |  Fax: +43 (0) 2622 21734 - 85  |  Email: sales@iag.at  |  www.iag.at

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IAG Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1986. Since its inception, the company has been working on producing complex special-purpose machinery. IAG develops fully automatic machinery and systems for the manufacturing of brake pads and has become a global market leader in this segment. Our competent and experienced team, currently comprising a staff of over 100, is able to meet the most exacting customer requirements. We consistently develop innovative, customized solutions by employing the most advanced technologies. Profound expertise and a wealth of experience in...

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ESM150 dust binding machine The IAG ESM 150 dust binding machine can be used wherev- With its modular design, the ESM 150 can be combined with er large-scale dust emissions occur. The ESM can be used a other equipment in a variety of ways, making it suitable for wide variety of situations, for instance at construction sites use in any terrain as well as for tower mounting. Depending in the demolition of buildings, in tunnel construction or in on the requirement, customers can select from a wide range surface mining and quarrying (open pit mining, quarries, of options, from a straightforward...

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ESM 70 dust binding machine The ESM 70 emission prevention machine is distinguished by its compact, lightweight and robust construction. In everyday use, the ESM 70 dust binding machine demonstrates impressive performance, mobility and flexibility. The user friendliness of the ESM 70 is evident in features such as the radio remote control, which is supplied as standard. The ESM 70 is available in mobile as well as static versions. Galvanized steel construction with aluminum cover High mobility Electrically adjustable angle of inclination Operates from 5 bar line pressure with no booster...

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HD-V high pressure fans These fans are particularly suitable for use indoors. As they are fitted with special IAG high pressure nozzles, a maximum level of dust binding and air-conditioning can be achieved, from the simple, rigid version, to dynamic, twin-axle, fully automated fan systems. IAG fans can be technically adapted to meet any customer-specified requirement. Fully automatic, static unit with central control Fixed versions Fully programmable swivel range Variable speed control Same design, customized diameter Energy-efficient EC external rotor motor Number of nozzles and capacity...

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DK20 nozzle heads The DK12 & DK20 water nozzle heads are manufactured The spray angle is 100° (DK12) or 130° (DK20) (depending for use on construction sites to contain the dust right at its on water pressure) at a spray range of up to 10 m. The pro- source. For example, the nozzle head can be mounted di- tective body with mesh prevents damage to the nozzle body rectly on the demolition tool or the source of dust during from falling stones. The galvanized surface ensures addi- demolition work and prevent the emergence of dust emis- tional permanent protection against rust. We provide a man-...

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HD-DLS high pressure nozzle system A highly flexible system consisting of high pressure hoses and stainless steel for binding dust and odors. This system is especially suitable for use indoors, where low quantities of water and noise levels are required. The nebulization is based on the atomization principle, which uses high water pressure to enable the formation of very fine, uniform droplets. FLEXIBLE DESIGN WITH FITTINGS RIGID VERSION The superb, sophisticated, high-quality HD-fitting series High pressure hose with inner diameter 4/6/8mm Material: stainless steel 1.4301 / Ø 10 mm enables...

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DLS nozzle pipe system Another product in the IAG emission prevention range is the stations, transfer points, conveyor belts or passages, in or- DLS modular nozzle pipe system, which enables flexible der to considerably reduce the emissions occurring in such dust binding capabilities and almost unlimited options for areas. DLS is designed as a modular system, allowing it to be use. The system can be equipped according to individual re- adapted to meet varying requirements in terms of water out- put, pipe length and pipe connections without difficulty. The water supply can either be...

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ESL emission lance The ESL emission lance is a mobile or static solution for Depending on wind conditions, the dust volume over a sur- dust control and dust suppression. It is used on streets and face area of 150m² to 300m can be bound with one lance. squares without hindering general use. Thanks to the opti- Multiple lances can be supplied with water using a central mum level of atomization using a limited amount of water, supply. The lance needs a minimum pressure about 5 bar puddles can be avoided - even with earthen or clay subsur- to work properly. In addition entire systems using...

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The flow rate and the spray angle depends on the incoming pressure on the nozzle

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HD-D high pressure nozzles The HD-D high pressure nozzles have a perfectly balanced spray pattern with extremely low water consumption yet highly efficient nebulization. They are also distinguished by their extreme sturdiness and durability. The IAG high pressure mist nozzles can be operated at a pressure of between 20 and 200 bar. Material: stainless steel (1.4301) Water flow rate to 50 bar [l/h] Holes available from 0.8 l/h to 25 l/h / G 1/8 "/ SW 14 With special nozzles pre-filter 25 microns or 100 microns Available in all sizes if needed Spray angle TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Water pressure...

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