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Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motor Reductores De Ejes Paralelos YP G Gearboxes and Drives / Motorreductores 1

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INDEX / íNDICE Descriptions and Specifications of the YP Serie Descripciones Y Especificaciones De La Serie YP Unit Designations Mounting Options and Variations Opciones De Montaje Y Variaciones Gearboxes Components Variations Variaciones De Los Componentos De Los Reductores Mounting Options and Variations Opciones De Montaje Y Variaciones Motor’s Components Variations Variaciones De Componentes De Motores Service Factor Factor De Servicio Load Charasteristics of Gearboxes Características De Carga De Las Maquinas Overhung Loads Cargas Radiales Motor Performance Rendimiento Del Motor

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INDEX / íNDICE Brakes Frenos Brake Selection Table Tabla De Selección De Frenos Rubber Rings Annillos De Goma Mounting Positions Posicion De Montaje Position of Terminal Box Position De La Caja De Terminales Mounting Positions and Oil Quantities Posicion De Montaje Y Candidades De Aceite Control and Mintenance of Gearboxes Control Y Mantenimiento De Los Reductores Gearbox Ordering Pedido De Reductores Power Ratings and Output Speed Table for YP Series Clasificaciones De Potencia Y Velocidad De Salida Para Las Series YP Dimensions Pages Dimensiones General Parts List Lista De Las Piezas...

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SERIES / SÉRIE • Cast iron monobloc housing • Carcasa monobloque de hierro fundido • Torque range from 200 to 18000 Nm • Ratio range from 4 to 32080 • Rango de relación desde

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® Descriptions and specifications of the YP serie Descripciones Y Especificaciones De La Serie YP Descriptions and specifications of the YP serie. The YP Series gearboxes are specially designed for applications with heavy loads or continuous working cycle. The set of components is based on helical gears made of 16MnCr5, all gears are grinded, and finished after heat treatment to reach 58 HRC hardness. The iron cast housing is produced under a very specific process to guarantee a high performance of the gearbox itself. The CNC process guarantees a perfect respect of the initial design and...

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LMak Unit Designation Desiqnacon De Unidad Parallel shaft helical geared motor Reductores de ejes paralelos Code Input type designation Tipo de entrada YP... YPF... YPM... YPFM... YPP... YPFP. YPPM... YPFPM... Input shaft - torque arm - hollow shaft Input shaft - flange mounted - hollow shaft With motor - torque arm - hollow shaft With motor - flange mounted - hollow shaft IEC input flange - torque arm - hollow shaft IEC input flange - flange mounted - hollow shaft IEC input flange with motor - torque arm - hollow shaft IEC input flange with motor - flange mounted - hollow shaft Eje de...

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Options OPciones i.Mak Gearboxes options / Opciones De Motorreductores Kod For all geared motors without flange, the torque arm is standard and not optional. Para todos los motorreductores sin brida, el brazo de torque es est&dar y no es opcional. Motor’s options / Opciones De Motorreductores Code Brake Brake with hand release Double brake Double brake with hand release Encoder Electromagnetic clutches External fan Canopy Without fan Mono phase motor Backstop Freno Freno Manual Freno Doble Doble frenos con volante Condificador Embragues Electromagneticos Ventilador Externo Dosel Sin...

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Mounting Options and Variations Opciones De Montaje Y Variaciones i.Mak CO CD c .o o .CD Output shaft / Eje De Salida *In the case your configuration require the the production of a special flange En El Caso En Que Su Configuracion Requiera De Produccion De Una Brida Especial

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i.Mak Gearboxes Components Variations Variaciones de los Componentes del Reductor Oil / Aceites Code Seal-cover / Retenes Housing / Carcasa Paint / Pintura Gears / Engranajes Code *261 and 262 codes are equivalent / Los Codigos 261 Y 262 Son Equivalentes

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Mounting Options and Variations Opciones De Montaje Y Variaciones Voltage and frequency / Voltaje Y Frecuencia * IE2 is the standart category / IE2 Es La Categoria Estandar

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LMak Motor’s Components Variations Variaciones De Componentes De Motores Brake’s brand / Marcas De Freno Code Type of brake / Clases de Freno Code *The brake wihout cooling are installed without fan or cover / El freno sin refrigeracion es instalado sin ventilador o cubierta *For different type of encoder contact our sales team / Para Otro Tipo De Codificadores, Contactese Con Nuestro Equipo De Ventas Thermistor and heater /Termistor Y Calentador Code External fan / Ventilador Externo O 3 ~o o o CD =3 o' CO CD o Special motor / Motor Especial *Our factory is not providing such motors / Para...

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Service Factor Service Factor (Fs ) Value of the service factor of a gearbox depends on all technical and characteristic specifications of a driven machine. Generally machines have three types of loading characteristics: 3. HEAVY LOAD (H) Even if the torques required by three different machines operating at three different load specifications are equal. Gearbox of the machine operating under heavy load conditions should have greater service factor. Daily working period has effect on gearbox elements due to the materials fatigue of working parts. It must be taken into account that all...

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LMak Load Characteristics of Gearboxes Caracteristicas de carga de los reductores Excavators Excavadoras Chain-Bucket excavators Travelling gears (Caterpiller) Travelling gears ( Rails ) Manoevring winches Pumps Bucket wheels Slewing gears H Mecanismos de translacion (Orugas) M Mecanismos de translacion (sobre rail) H Ruedas De paletas de excavadores M Mecanismo de orientacion (giratorios) Building Machines Maquinas De Construccion Hoists Concrete mixers Road contruction machines M Maquinas De Construccion De Carreteras Conveyor Transportador Through chain conveyors Link conveyors Belt...

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Chemical Industry Industria Quimica Cooling drums Mixers Agitators ( Liquids ) Agitators ( Semi Liquids ) Drying drums Centrifuges ( Lights ) Centrifuges ( Heavy ) U Agitadores (liquidos fluidos) M Agitadores (liquidos viscosos) Rubber Machines Wood Working Machine Washing Machines

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