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PRODUCTIVITY BOOST • Touchscreen tools as intuitive as a smartphone's • Simple buttons to access the interface with gloved hands • GPS & Compass embed pointing direction and geo-location • LEDs to light darker areas and a laser pointer to mark locations • Easy voice, text, and sketch annotations, stored in radiometric images T-SERIES THE ULTIMATE THERMAL IMAGER FAST COMMUNICATION • FLIR Tools Mobile app links T-Series to smartphones & tablets for immediate image analysis and sharing from the field plus streaming video and remote control for safer monitoring • MeterLink® transmits FLIR T&M...

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ULTIMATE RESOLUTION & SENSITIVITY • Up to 640 x 480 native resolution • Up to 1.2 MP thermal resolution with UltraMax™ - a 4x improvement • MSX® Enhancement on live video, stored images, and UltraMax images • Class-leading sensitivity of up to <0.02°C for outstanding image quality • Temperature calibrations up to 2,000°C HELPFUL ACCESSORIES • A range of interchangeable advanced optics • Additional batteries and chargers • Spare cables and SD cards • Camera pouches and tripod adapters • FUR IR Windows

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INTUITIVE TOUCHSCREEN Tap the screen or buttons to quickly access temperature measurement tools, parameters, image modes, and more. Automatically embed readings from MeterLink-enabled test gear into thermal images. PC & MAC OS Included software for indepth image analysis, report generation, and more. T640 viewfinder makes surveys in the brightest environments even easier. Joystick & large backlit buttons for gloved operation. 3.5“ bright touchscreen for quick access to images, camera tools, & analytics. T460 Large 4.3“ capacitive touchscreen puts fast tools at your fingertips. T660 FLIR...

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AUTO FOCUS/IMAGE CAPTURE MANUAL FOCUS LED LIGHT & LASER POINTER 3.1 MP VISIBLE LIGHT CAMERA T420, T440 & T460 FLIR T420, T440, and T460 cameras deliver 76,800 pixels of vivid thermal resolution, UltraMax image enhancement, advanced interchangeable lenses to fit the view and spot size you need, and more productivity features than ever to help ease your demanding workload.

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LARGE 4.3” CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN AUTO FOCUS/IMAGE CAPTURE 5 MP DIGITAL CAMERA LED LAMPS & LASER POINTER MANUAL FOCUS T600, T620, T640 & T660 The T600 produces crisp 480 x 360 thermal imagery, while T620, T640, and T660 cameras offer the highest FLIR handheld IR precision at 640 x 480 resolution delivering 307,200 pixels, plus UltraMax image enhancement. The greater the resolution, the easier it is to see, find, and reliably measure heat issues on smaller, distant components.

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THE ULTIMATE RESOLUTION UltraMax and MSX combine to turn T-Series cameras into the most powerful infrared imaging and noncontact temperature measurement tools on the planet, all in a compact, easy-to-use design. ULTRAMAX FLIR’s new UltraMax is a unique image processing technique that allows you to generate reports with images that have four times as many pixels, and 50% less noise, so you’ll be able to zoom in on smaller targets and measure them more accurately than ever. UNMATCHED RESOLUTION AND MEASUREMENT PERFORMANCE EVEN AT 8X ZOOM MSX ENHANCEMENT FLIR’s patented multi-spectral dynamic...

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SEE FULL T-SERIES SPECIFICATIONS AT WWW.FLIR.COM/THERMOGRAPHY FLIR 2-10 WARRANTY All T-Series cameras are covered by our revolutionary FLIR 2-10 Warranty when registered within 60 days of purchase. ■ 2 Years on Camera Parts & Labor ■ 10 Years on Infrared Detector Only FLIR can provide peace of mind like this because only FLIR makes all of the camera's critical co

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+/-2°C (+/-3.6°F) or +/-2% of reading, whichever is greater, at 25°C (77°F) nominal +/-1°C (+/-1.8°F) or +/-1% of reading for limited temperature range; ±2°C (±3.6°F) or 2%, whichever is greater, at 25°C (77°F) nominal. 6 presets: center spot; hot spot (box max); cold spot (box min); no measurements; 2 user presets 30 Hz 25°, 7° & 15° Tele, 45° & 80° Wide; Close up: 100 μm, 50 μm, 25 μm Manual & Automatic Manual, Automatic, and Continuous 4.3” Capacitive touch screen • Draw or add predefined stamps SUPPORT FROM ITC Expand your expertise, enhance your career, and get the most out of your...

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ABOUT FLIR All infrared cameras are not created equal, because infrared camera manufacturers are not all the same. FLIR stands above the rest. The largest commercial infrared company in the world, FLIR has nearly 50 years of experience building and integrating high-performance infrared cameras, giving us a command of these specialized technologies that no one else can touch. FLIR’s products are at work every day saving lives, protecting troops, and helping to keep borders and facilities safe. Now, FLIR’s cameras are available for your personal use, too. You can have a FLIR on your boat,...

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