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IC-100 - 1

Typical Applications Proven use in vibration monitoring for offline applications using commercially available data collectors and online monitoring systems in the fields of Building Services, Civil Engineering, Paper and Pulp, Mining, Metals Manufacture, Utilities, Automotive, Water and Waste Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, etc. Protecting... Fans, Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Centrifuges, Conveyers, Air Handlers, Gearboxes, Rolls, Dryers, Presses, Cooling, HVAC, Spindles, Machine Tooling, Process Equipment and many more. Technical Performance Mounted Base Resonance Sensitivity Frequency Response Isolation Measurement Range Transverse Sensitivity 22 kHz (nominal) 100 mV/g +/-10 % Nominal 80 2 Hz to 10 kHz +/-5 % 0,8 Hz to 15 kHz +/-3 dB Base isolated +/-80 g Less than 5 % Electrical PRODUCT DATA Electrical Noise Current Range Bias Voltage Settling Time Output Impedance Case Isolation 0,1 mg max 0,5 mA to 8 mA 10 - 12 Volts DC 2 seconds 200 Ohms max. >108 Ohms at 500 Volts Environmental Operating Temperature Range Sealing Maximum Shock Emissions Immunity Mechanical Case Material Sensing Element/Construction Mounting Torque Weight Maximum Cable length Mating Connector Mounting Threads Options Stainless Steel PZT/Compression 8 Nm 110 gms (nom) 1000 meters HS -AA004 See ‘How to order’ table Integral cable, filters, temperature output, various connector assemblies, other sensitivities

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IC-100 - 2

Frequency Response Mounting of sensor to achieve good repeatable readings. Vibration sensor should be firmly fixed to a flat surface (spot face surface may be needed to be produced and cable anchored to sensor body.) Hnw to order Please contact our Sales Office for information on sensor accessories (mounting studs, etc) and multichannel switch boxes. TS001 IssOl    V\te reserve the fight to alter the specification of this product without prior notice    Ref: HS1002P-0107

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