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The World’s Most Trusted Industrial Bolting Systems MINING INDUSTRY Avoid expensive damage on heavy vibration applications with HYTORC Washer™ Technology 24 Hour Service 800-FOR-HYTORC

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Mining Industry - 2

Mining Industry Industrial Bolting Systems for the Mining Industry The HYTORC WASHER™ is a perfect solution for heavy vibration applications. The award-winning ASME approved hardened washer, the HYTORC Washer™, eliminates the usual side load and stops the bolt from turning. The HYTORC Washer™ was engineered to operate with a standard torque tool and a washer drive for hands-free safe operation from a distance even on inverted applications. Backup wrenches are no longer required. The installation becomes safer, less crowded and bolting time is reduced in excess of 50% over any other method....

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