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JetStream 115 AWHS Hydraulic Pump


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JetStream 115 AWHS Hydraulic Pump - 1

JetStream 115-AWHS Hydraulic Pump Unit General information Designed for the use with a double-acting cylinder and for quick-working torque Controlled via a single-hand remote control unit that is available in different Analog and digital pressure gauges assure the highest possible readout and adjustment precision. Including automated forward and backstroke control for greater comfort, With full-power automation and a USB documentation unit. For torque and torque & angle Screw-on or plug-in couplings Highly precise pressure setting valves Automated pressure relief makes a connection of the tool easier. Pressure gauge calibration certificate on Hydraulic torque wrenches are only as efficient as the hydraulic units that make them work. Only a uniform and completely integrated system offers its users decisive competitive advantages. That is the reason why HYTORC® has always pushed the development of its hydraulic units. The result is a large number of developments, which make our hydraulic units unique. Compactness, low weight and the low noise levels (under 69 dBA) are the most important characteristics of HYTORC® hydraulic units. Whether 115V, 230V or 400V, HYTORC® offers its users a broad product range, for deployment throughout the world. And in the ex-area, these are the first compressed-air-hydraulic units that are available with automatic forward and backstroke control. And in case the user needs to document his work, HYTORC offers a comprehensive program.

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JetStream 115 AWHS Hydraulic Pump - 2

JetStream 115-AWHS Hydraulic Pump Unit Type / Model Power supply V/Hz/A_ Length mm/[inch] _ Width mm/[inch] _ Height mm/[inch]_ Power automatic (optional)_ SIMULTORC adapter_ Digital pressure gauge (optional) Standard remote control m /[feet] Tightening method:_ Torque & angle controlled (optional) Yield-point controlled (optional) Data recording (optional)

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