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HyPM™ HD 30 Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Power Module Liquid-cooled advanced MEA PEM stack Integral Balance of Plant Advanced onboard controls and diagnostics Comes with low pressure cathode air delivery -46°C sub-zero shutdown capability Technical Data Rated Electrical Power Operating Current Operating Voltage Peak Efficiency Response Fuel Oxidant Coolant Ambient Temperature 33 kW continuous 0 to 500 ADC 60 to 120 VDC 55%1) < 5 s from off to idle < 3 s from idle to rated power Dry Hydrogen >99.98% Ambient Air De-ionized water (DI H2O) or 60% ethylene glycol / DI H2O -10 to +55°C operating -40 to +65°C storage (<2°C with automated freeze shutdown feature) CAN v2.0A (standard 11 bit) Efficiency based on LHV of H2, 25°C, 101.3 kPa, including onboard parasitic loads, excluding radiator fan and water pump Rapid start-up and dynamic response Unlimited start-stop cycling Robust, rugged and reliable No water for humidification required No nitrogen required for shutdown Excluding air delivery and optional water pump Including air delivery and optional water pump Air delivery unit (low pressure blower) Integration and operation manual Product Warranty Coolant pump Thermal management kit Diagnostics software Power electronics components Applications HyPM™ HD30 Typical Performance1) Actual delivered product may differ in appearance. Specifications subject to change without prior notification. Printed in Canada © Hydrogenics Corporation 2012-04-16 Urban transit buses Heavy duty commercial fleet vehicles Marine Aerospace www.hydrogenics.com Fuelcellsales@hydrogenics.com

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