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Because ensuring a leak-free solution is critical. It has to be Hydratight. For more than 100 years, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions, assessing and managing joints to ensure leak-free start-ups. Today, we continue to set international standards in joint integrity—but we’re so much more than just a bolting and on-site machining company. Because even the tiniest leak can be costly and time consuming to repair, we manage every joint on a project for leak-free start-ups and production, which in turn removes the threat of environmental impact caused by unsafe joints....

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Hydratight plays a leading role within the complex and changing world of wind power generation; providing innovative engineering solutions and unique services to improve the cost effectiveness in the competitive wind industry. The core of our business is designing fast and highly accurate bolting solutions. Wind Power Bolting Solutions Taking inspiration from global trends in power generation, Hydratight has consistently introduced engineered solutions for supporting the bolted joint needs of the onshore and offshore wind power industry. Over the last 20 years, the Hydratight range of...

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RSL Torque Wrenches From the early inception of Sweeney Hydraulic Torque Wrenches to our new global family of RSL Torque Wrenches, Hydratight’s history with developing bolting solutions began over 100 years ago. Manufactured in Antigo, WI USA with all stainless-steel housing and hefty yet simple interior components, our newest RSL tool is the strongest yet. Hydratight has a strong reputation for our range of hydraulic RSL torque wrenches. Comprised of just three moving parts, this simple intelligent design supports long term use and minimises refurbishment, resulting in a low total cost of...

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Direct-Fit Hydraulic Tensioners With decades of design and manufacturing experience of wind‑specific tensioners, Hydratight Hydraulic Tensioners provide safe, reliable and repeatable bolt stretching. Wide‑range tools include standard, OEM direct-fit, and custom tensioner solutions; we are confident and capable in all types of tensioning. Elliptical Base Bolt Tensioner This revolutionary new foundation bolt tensioner is perfect for all OEM tower base bolting. The tool has a 20% reduction in width, which allows fit on all applications including the limited clearance inner bolts. Hydratight’s...

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Electric Torque and Tension Pumps To power our world-class hydraulic bolting tools, Hydratight offers specifically designed wind pumps. Our robust design provides options like heat exchangers to keep temperatures low and oil-flow high from a compact, lightweight design. Electric Torque Wrench Pump Designed specifically for bolting applications, Hydratight's Electric Torque Wrench Pump can be used with virtually any hydraulic torque wrench. The high-efficiency design needs less maintenance than comparable pumps and the LCD readout not only shows pressure and torque readings but also provides...

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Popular Direct Fit Tools Hydratight leads the way with innovation, engineering, and service in standard and custom tooling for bolted flange joints. Our range of products, local support, and excellent customer service make Hydratight your complete supplier for wind turbine bolting solutions. Reference the chart below for a sampling of our most popular direct-fit tools. Other configurations and adaptations are available; contact your local Hydratight representative or visit Tension Tools Description M20 Micro Tensioner M27 X 3 Micro Tensioner Tension M36 Nacelle Studs...

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Our global network means that you can rely on the right people, products, and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: Or find your local representative at: Hydratight provides support through strategic Hydratight provides support service centres, centresadditional locations through service and in ( ) and worldwide through channel ( ) authorised representatives partners.

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