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Who We Are One Company, Total Support, Complete Solutions Over many years Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for its customers on a global scale. By supplying a comprehensive range of products and services, supported by strong, experienced engineering teams, we apply global standards through our network of local operations, making Hydratight the preferred supplier to the wind industry's most demanding clients. Hydratight works in partnership with the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers...

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What Makes Us Different One Company - A Multitude of Solutions Hydratight plays a leading role within the complex and changing world of Power Generation; providing innovative engineering solutions and unique services to improve the cost effectiveness in this competitive industry. The core of our business is designing fast and highly accurate solutions to bolt tightening problems. Wind Power Solutions Taking inspiration from global trends in power generation, Hydratight has consistently introduced engineered solutions for supporting the bolted joint needs of the onshore and offshore wind...

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windNACELLE Nacelle Bolting Solutions Hydratight can provide an array of torque and tensioning tools including the Micro Bolt Tensioner and RSL torque wrench for the safe assembly of blade and bearing bolted applications. Blade to Bearing and Bearing to Hub Tensioning Systems Blade to Bearing and Bearing to Hub tensioning systems were originally developed to allow the OEM to quickly and accurately tension up to 100% of the fasteners in the joint simultaneously. The key benefit of this system is the flexibility to use any number of tools, pending the unique demands of the manufacturing...

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windTOWER Tower Bolting Solutions Hydratight has a vast range of torque and tension solutions for the onsite assembly of tower structures. Micro Bolt Tensioner The Hydratight Micro Tensioner for Grade 10.9 bolts has been designed to maximise clamping forces and is available as a single deck tool for applications with a wider pitch between the bolts and a double deck tensioner for applications with a smaller pitch. The tool has been designed for use with hexagon nuts and washers: • Lightweight and compact • Overload and over-stroke protection • Geared nut rotation • High cycle life RSLTM...

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windFOUNDATION Foundation Bolting Solutions Hydratight’s range of safe and reliable foundation bolt tensioners will secure any type of bolt to any type of onshore or offshore surface. Foundation Bolt Tensioner The Foundation Bolt Tensioner was originally developed by Hydratight for a specific application; fixing foundation bolt fasteners on wind turbine towers. Since its invention, the Foundation Bolt Tensioner has been successfully used at many locations throughout the world and is capable of tensioning all of the studs/bolts designed with a Williams, Dyson or similar form. The Foundation...

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Wind Industry Power Consoles The wind energy sector puts very high demands on the power systems which operate torque and tension tools. Hydratight has developed a unique range of pumps which cater for these high demands; with special attention being given to speed, weight, continuous operation and extreme environments. PowaPak Electrically Operated Torque Wrench Pump The PowaPak range of automatic and semi-automatic torque wrench pumps has been developed by Hydratight to meet the arduous and demanding needs of the high volume assembly wind energy market. ZU4-AW Electrically Operated Torque...

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Global Standards Local Delivery Our global network means you can rely on the right people, products and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: Or find your local representative at: Material sourced from fully sustainable, managed forests using Elemental Chlorine Free fibre. HT/WE/PG/03-11

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