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Ultrasonic Load Monitoring

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Who We Are One Company, Total Support, Complete Solutions Over many years, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for its customers on a global scale. Hydratight works in partnership with the world’s leading OEMs using the latest computer technology and market leading development facilities. We continue to push back the boundaries of technology to provide fast, accurate and reliable solutions to critical assembly problems. Our people are the key to our success: qualified, competent and innovative people,...

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Ultrasonic Load Monitoring Staying at the forefront of Ultrasonics technology has resulted in Hydratight developing the BoltScope II and more recently the BoltScope Pro. BoltScope Pro & BoltScope II ultrasonically measures the actual load in the fastener at point of loading and throughout the service life of the fastener. The technology of the equipment is based on a well-known and reliable PulseEcho measuring technique. A transducer is placed on one end of the fastener and generates a pulse which travels down the length of the fastener. The pulse is reflected off the other end and the echo...

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BoltScope Pro BoltScope Pro is a new addition to Hydratight’s Ultrasonic range. This bolt load monitoring device is smaller, more mobile and user friendly. The pocket sized BoltScope Pro enhances all the existing technologies and is packaged to work on the harshest and most complex applications, producing the high levels of accuracy required to complete the joint integrity solution. The BoltScope Pro is the first cost effective, ultrasonic monitoring device to measure bolt load, elongation, stress and percentage of strain utilising nanosecond technology. Loaded and un-loaded bolt readings...

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Features: • obile and compact design makes it suitable for the most difficult to reach M bolt locations • Easy to navigate via user interface • Stores up to 8,000 readings with WAVEFORMS in multiple groups • Automatic temperature compensation • Readings can be stored offline for joint integrity reporting • Create up to 64 custom defined applications • bility to set fastener Hi and Lo tolerances with audible beeper, viewable A scan bar and visual LEDs flash upon tolerance being triggered • Measures from 25mm (1") up to 137cm (48") fastener lengths • Functions in temperatures ranging from...

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BoltScope II BoltScope II has set the benchmark of accuracy in fastener load monitoring over the past ten years, it is now established and recognised as the market standard. BoltScope II is designed to verify any application that requires close load tolerances on fasteners. The instrument is particularly useful for verifying manufacturing processes or conformity of bolt tightening processes. The BoltScope II measures bolt strain using the well proven principle of measuring the Time of Flight of an ultrasonic signal. The BoltScope II displays the load, stress or elongation of a fastener...

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Features: • Powerful unit enabling the monitoring of long fasteners • arge visual display for waveform interrogation with a four level L zoom facility • wo methods of monitoring, single and multi echo; multi echo eliminates T couplant thickness • Easy navigation soft keys for menu selection • Stores 10,000 readings in multiple groups • Automatic temperature compensation • Readings can be stored offline for joint integrity reporting • Create up to 512 custom defined applications • Ability to set fastener Hi and Lo tolerances with a large bar graph display • Measures from 25mm (1") up to 6.4m...

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Our global network means you can rely on the right people, products and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: solutions@hydratight.com Or find your local representative at: hydratight.com/contact Material sourced from fully sustainable, managed forests using Elemental Chlorine Free fibre.

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