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Torque Solutions

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Because ensuring a leak-free solution is critical. It has to be Hydratight. For more than 100 years, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions, assessing and managing joints to ensure leak-free start-ups. Today, we continue to set international standards in joint integrity—but we’re so much more than just a bolting and on-site machining company. Because even the tiniest leak can be costly and time consuming to repair, we manage every joint on a project for leak-free start-ups and production, which in turn removes the threat of environmental impact caused by unsafe joints....

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Torque Products At Hydratight we have a strong reputation for our range of hydraulic torque wrenches—based on a steel alloy, they are strong, reliable and designed with the user in mind. We design and manufacture all of our Hydraulic Wrenches in accordance with our documented and registered QA system, and maintain full control throughout the build process. We also offer a choice of interchangeable tools; with the square drive being replaced by a low profile cassette to provide increased flexibility, or a dedicated square drive and low profile option so that weight and size can be optimal.

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Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Hydratight’s series of lightweight hydraulic torque wrenches has been designed to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts for professional applications across the oil & gas, powergen and industrial markets. Safe • Innovative design that completely encloses all moving parts and minimizes pinch points Fast • 30-35° of operating stroke provides added productivity while avoiding “tool lock on” which is common with some torque wrench designs Versatile • Interchangeable head design • Power head / square drive combination for flexible use with standard impact quality sockets •...

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Part Number These part numbers represent Square Drive Wrenches with Parker Quick Connects, Moly Paste, no swivels, and with no certifications. For additional options, please contact Square Drive Wrench Dimensions and Specifications Square Drive Wrench Accessories • Sockets - full range of hex, bi-hex, castellated and special made to order • Direct-drive hexagon bits for socket head screws • Direct-drive sockets, peg drive sockets, alien head driver Hex Wrench Accessories • Inserts—full range of hex, bi-hex and special made to order • Hexagon reducing inserts, made...

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Hex Wrench Model and Housing

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Legend: R=Regular Hex B=Hex Bolt M=Metric H=Heavy Hex L=Flange Screw S=Socket Head Cap Screw *Use 503 (Moly Paste Lubricant) to reduce loosening/tightening torque, for temperatures below 650°F Producible Available Suggested selection Not available 7

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Torque Solutions - 8

BOP Hex WrenchesThis versatile, high performance thin nose tool has been specifically created for arduous applications with limited clearances. A purpose-designed modification of a standard wrench, it has a narrowed tip on the nose of the housing which makes it uniquely equipped to access tight spaces offering little room for manoeuvre, such as over the top of awkwardly-located studs on Blow Out Preventers. The max torque output is reduced, with less than half of the torque value of a standard sized wrench and a narrowed width of W1 for increased accessibility. This narrow dimension makes...

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Torque Solutions - 9

The Safe T™ The Safe T™ is Hydratight’s latest accessory to the RSL line of torque wrenches: a handle designed to safely enable the bolting operation to be carried out by one operator. The Safe T simultaneously operates both the hydraulic pump and the torque wrench at the same time, allowing for full operational control by a single operator. The innovative features of the Safe T address two key operational risks with bolting: • Any chance of miscommunication in a loud field environment in a two-person bolting operation is removed • The possibility of pinching is reduced because the...

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Part Number NOTE: These brackets are required to assemble the Safe T Handle sub-assembly to the given RSL tool. Safe T™ Handles Mounting Brackets & Fasteners10

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Complementary Products Hydratight offers complementary products to our RSL Torque Wrench line, which carry on our tradition of innovation and exacting standards. Gripping Sockets The unique patented ball and taper grip design of Hydratight’s Gripping Sockets enables hand-free wrench power cycle operation on standard hexagonal nuts. Gripping Sockets enable the operator to minimize exposure to pinch points and high pressure hydraulic connections during operation, thereby resulting in greater operator safety. Gripping sockets are available in both Hydratight RSL dedicated formats, and in...

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Torque Solutions - 12

The Hydratight range of portable 10,000 psi ultra high performance pumps has been designed and developed specifically for use with hydraulic torque wrenches. Pumps operate from two primary power sources: air and electric, providing optimum performance of power and speed, even in the most arduous conditions. Each Hydratight pump ensures user safety-operation via a remote control handset comes as standard. ZU4 Electric Pumps A selection of high pressure electric torque wrench pumps with backlit LCD display and microprocessor control (except for models D3044B0207AA and D3044B0207AB), combining...

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Torque Solutions - 13

Digital Torque Multipliers Hydratight’s Sweeney brand of digital torque multipliers are compact and lightweight, offer a digital readout, and are designed to accurately measure output torque. The Sweeney digital torque multiplier series was developed to perform high tolerance bolt up and break out operations within the Aero, Industrial and Oil and Gas industries. For increased control and operation the torque multipliers within this series are equipped with a high resolution 177.8 mm (7") display. During use relevant measuring values appear on screen including torque, angle of turn as well...

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