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Who We Are One Company, Total Support, Complete Solutions For more than a century, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for its customers on a global scale. Today, the breadth and depth of our product and service offering is unrivalled in our specialist field. Through our ability to innovate technology to maximize the safety, performance and efficiency of bolted connections, Hydratight sets international standards in joint integrity, providing trusted solutions to customers around the world. Hydratight’s...

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Raising standards in subsea environments In the ebb and flow of an ever-changing subsea world, new challenges and new opportunities are arising all the time, but one thing that remains constant is the need for solutions that will adapt to both on-going client demands and the demands of the environment. Hydratight is at the forefront of industry thinking in all its areas of operation. We are an engineering solutions and service provider with the vision, the products, the people and the technical expertise to not just meet but exceed future expectations. Deepwater experience you can depend on...

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Superior Engineered Systems As oil and gas production ventures into deeper waters, new challenges are emerging. Hydratight has been a pioneer in this field, meeting the growing requirement for remote activation of bolted applications, by introducing increasingly innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry. Mechanical Connectors Hydratight has gained an unrivalled reputation in both pipeline tie-ins and emergency repairs. Our Mechanical Connectors (formerly known as Morgrip™) are equal in strength and performance to a welded connection, eliminating the need for hot work and providing...

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Repair Clamps Our repair clamps are capable of sealing minor pipeline leaks and restoring the integrity of damaged or corroded pipes and are the essential choice wherever and whenever there is a need for a rapid solution with no margin for error. All Hydratight clamps incorporate an external pressure test facility that determines the joint integrity prior to commissioning. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and arrangements and can be supplied independently or as an add-on to larger repair systems. Quick Release Nuts As the requirement for remote activation in bolted...

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Multi-Stud Tensioner Capable of tensioning every single stud in a joint simultaneously, the Multi-Stud Tensioner (MST) provides increased time savings by offering the fastest and most technically efficient method of tightening any connection. Because the MST is designed as a segmented annular ring with integrally machined, internally connected hydraulic chambers, the operator is able to quickly connect an individual segment to the joint and link these together to provide simultaneous operation. The use of lightweight materials facilitates easy operation by a single operator, with simple...

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Contingency Planning and Preparation In the oil and gas industry, being prepared for any eventuality is all important. As forward-thinking providers of premium subsea solutions, Hydratight has been a leading provider of Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) coverage since the late 1980s. Contingency Planning EPRS is an invaluable form of insurance to the asset owner. However meticulous the manufacture and operation of the asset may be, accidents or damage can occur. Although the perceived risk of damage to pipelines may be low, the resultant costs and exposure can be significant. EPRS is...

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Products Designed to Work 24/7 Our dedicated Engineered Solutions department is supported by a global centre of excellence, ensuring that we can respond quickly, working in partnership with or being fully integrated into client project teams to develop new purpose-built solutions or improve existing applications. Providing a high level of safety and a consistently high level of performance is of paramount importance in subsea environments and Hydratight tooling is made to withstand the most demanding underwater conditions. Not just our highly regarded range of world-class bolting equipment,...

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The Hydratight Nutsplitter is a fast, sure and safe method to remove corroded or seized nuts without the need for hot cutting, chiselling or grinding. With a range of cylinders and interchangeable heads, the tool is designed to cover all ANSI flanges up to 36". Flange Spreader Hydratight’s acclaimed Flange Spreader utilises a high load compact hydraulic cylinder, together with a uniquely designed wedge and retaining mechanism to smoothly and evenly force open the flanged joint. Flange Puller The Hydratight Flange Puller is a compact, highly effective device used to align or pull together...

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100% Equipped for Training At Hydratight, safety isn’t just a word, but the very cornerstone of everything we do. As a designer and manufacturer of high quality joint integrity products, we regard the safe, professional operation of our equipment as absolutely mandatory. This dedication to getting it right first time manifests itself in subsea equipment training courses which meet industry best practice standards at all times. With a culture totally devoted to safety, you can be sure that your personnel will be fully trained, assessed and equipped to meet all operational challenges. Our...

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The First People to Consult for Global Reliability In a consultative capacity, the services that Hydratight provide will prove invaluable in the day to day running of your business now and in the future. With ongoing environmental pressures and day to day safety planning an essential prerequisite for future efficacy, the saying ‘forwarned is forearmed’ has never been more relevant than it is for subsea operations today. Hydratight provides full consultation services from the outset of a project or contingency plan. We can work alongside the operator and asset owners, or if necessary become...

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